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Red Risk Taker Or Orange Optimist: What Your Fave Colour Says About You

People always ask "what’s your favourite colour?" But, have you ever wondered what it could mean? And if you identify strongly with a particular colour, it could even explain your nature! So think of your favourite colour, grab your friends and family, and see if the folowing list rings true about each of you.


1. Blue

That neighbour who is not ngiao about anything and very suibian. You seek inner peace and absolute truth, and you always put others first. You value your inner circle, being extremely loyal to your close-knit group of friends and family. You find being of service fulfilling yet will stand your ground if taken for granted. Warm, friendly, and engaging are normally associated with you. #kampongspirit boleh!


2. Red

Chiong Sua warrior. You have drive and determination. You prefer action, physical fulfillment, and risk-taking behaviours. Confirm next time siao clubber, chiong every night because you are direct and outgoing, often being the centre of attention and life of the party. But also good prospects to be a politician - a natural born leader who easily gains respect from others.


3. Green

Another future politician. Reputation is key to you. You are a good citizen and pillar of the community, being frank and moral. Others admire your clarity and respect your objective and fair outlook. Or you could be a future gardener. You prefer spending time outdoors, Mother Nature is your #1. The environment is your priority and this special connection to nature feeds your soul.


4. Purple

You are a perfectionist and you are a good humanitarian who helps others in need. Like Rihanna, you shine bright like a diamond and embrace your individuality, not caring about fitting in with the rest. You are like that popular kid in school with the trendy Jansport school bag and Nike bottle. Intuitive and charismatic, people flock to you like buying Toto sia.


5. Black

Good chance to be a wayang king. You strive for power and control in life, with an artistic intuition but do not share things well with others. You value your inner world and keep your private life private, with a small circle of family and friends. You also maintain self-control easily and focus on small details to get something done right. Sounds sibei mysterious and intimidating leh.


6. Orange

Relax AF and a people’s person. Forever the optimist, you expect wonderful things around every corner. You love to be with people and socialise with them, as you want to be accepted and respected as part of a group. Team building is intuitive to you because others are drawn to your positivity and zest for life. No panic, no fear: when life throws lemons at you, you can even make orange juice out of it. #GG


7. Yellow

MOE take note, future teacher here. You enjoy learning and sharing your knowledge with others, and you love to express your individuality. You are really sunny and fun; people love your infectious energy. While others might be indecisive, your spontaneous nature and willingness to take action puts you several steps ahead of the competition. While you lead ahead, you can tell these indecisive people tan ku ku!


8. Gold

Sibeh atas and maybe got ah beng vibes. You love luxury and the best quality in everything - seeking and acquiring material wealth throughout your lifetime. But you are also a loving and compassionate person (heart of gold hor) and show great personal warmth to everyone you meet. This translates to people seeing you as reliable and genuine; lucky you will find and keep trustworthy friends!


9. White

Must be the teacher’s pet. You are very organised and independent, relying on logic to solve every problem. You are super gung-ho, having high expectations for yourselves and others. But remember to relax lah because you do not always deal well with disappointment. Often described as an old soul a.k.a. uncle that limteh at the coffee shop who offers wise words and mindful advice.


10. Silver

Similar to atas gold, you are also into wealth and achievements but maybe less ah beng. You are a deep thinker and constantly seeking knowledge, very insightful with a higher spiritual guidance. Potential to be a Romeo as you tend to love expressing yourself with the written word: making speeches, writing poetry and writing novels are all ways to indulge in your need to fantasise and reflect. #boyfriendmaterial

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