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10 Household Uses For Blu Tack That Are Actually Genius

1. Use it to put things up (posters, paintings, maps, messages).

2. Use it to hold things down - as a paperweight, as an adhesive, as a mobile phone stand, as a holder for model parts (hobbyists will appreciate that) etc.

3. Use it to erase pencil markings.

4. Use it to stabilise wobbly chairs and tables by sticking it to the bottom of their legs.

5. Use it to remove grime (such as dust and crumbs off your keyboard, cat hair, lint).

6. Use it as a modelling medium in place of plasticine and clay.

7. Use it to retrieve fiddly items you’ve dropped (like small screws and nails).

8. Use it to stop doors from banging loudly by placing it in the recesses of the door frame.

9. Use it to remove, well, Blu Tack.

10. Use it as a fidget object to manage anxiety and stress.

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