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5 Ingenious Ways To Use A Binder Clip

1.  As a wine charm

You’ll have to buy binder clips in different colours for this purpose. Then attach each to the stem of your guests’ wine glasses or champagne flutes. Cheaper than wine charms and you can always nick them off your study desk.

2. As a keyboard prop

Binder clips can work as impromptu computer keyboard “legs” for when you need your keyboard to be angled in a more ergonomic way.

3. As a cable and wire organiser

Hate those never-ending electrical cables? So do we. Binder clips can neaten up that jumbled heap of rubbery mess.

4. As a dishwashing sponge holder

Attach a wet sponge to the binder clip and prop the clip up, using its metal “handles” as the base. This helps to dry and air the sponge easily.

5. As a razor blade safety cover

If you have ever accidentally cut your fingertip on the edge of a razor blade that was lying at the bottom of your overfilled toiletries bag, this ingenious hack will make the cut for you.

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