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What's your must-have side? Read on for a list of our faves. IMAGES: INSTAGRAM/@SHAKESHACKSG AND @KFC_SG

Small But Mighty: Fast-Food Sides That Are Main Event-Worthy

Usually, when we hit up a fast food joint, we eye the mains - aka the stacked hamburgers, golden-brown chicken pieces, stretchy pizzas... you get the point.

So we're here to throw the spotlight on well-loved sides that aren't celebrated enough.

And our salute couldn't come at a better time: ICYMI, Burger King's "clucking" good Chicken Fries are back in town. Yep, it's been half a decade since we last saw (or had) them on our Little Red Dot. Savoury and crispy fried chicken in the form of a "dippable" french fry? We're sold!

Here, a list of what we consider the most bussin' fast-food sides that can stand on their own:


McWings from McDonald’s Singapore

Best part: The hot oil that coats your mouth, followed by biting into the moist meat beneath that crunchy exterior.

Still available? Yep, always, unless we face a serious chicken shortage.


Clam Chowder from Mos Burger Singapore

Best part: It's a rich and creamy blend of delicate, yet chewy clams, potato chunks, onion and cream. Just perfect.

Still available? Yep, permanently.

Chicken Fries from Burger King Singapore

Best part: You can eat it as it is, or dip it in BBQ sauce, ketchup, and anything you fancy, really.

Still available? Yep, since 30 May 2023, until the foreseeable future.

Cheese Sticks from BHC Chicken Singapore

Best part: The IG-worthy cheese pulls when you break them apart – that is if you can wait that long before gobbling them up.

Still available? Yep, but be warned, the queue will be looong.


Cheese Fries from KFC Singapore

Best part: The medley of savoury goodness that comprises jalapeno cheese, mayonnaise, fresh spring onion, and thick-cut fries.

Still available? Yep, and they even have sick promos for it sometimes.

Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Drumlets from Pizza Hut Singapore

Best part: They make for a nice change from the fried stuff; the rub gives the drumlets a little kick while complementing the juicy meat nicely.

Still available? Yep, and they even have roasted wings in a sweet honey variation.

Matcha Cookies & Cream Shake from Shake Shack Singapore

Best part: The slight bitterness that undercuts the sweetness of the cookies & cream. These two components were made for each other.

Still available? Only till the end of June 2023 :(

Chicken/Beef Coney Cheese Fries from A&W Singapore

Best part: They're curly! And curly fries are better than normal fries, right? Loaded up with A&W’s signature American-style Coney topping and creamy cheese sauce, it’s a side sent straight from heaven.

Still available? Yep, you can also get the curly fries alone if you’re not a "toppings" person.

Buttermilk Biscuits from Popeyes Singapore

Best part: When you part the brittle, flaky skin and the soft insides of the biscuit welcome you like a warm hug.

Still available? Yep, it’s a must-have when you order their fried chicken.

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