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A fool-proof panoramic shot is just a tap away - get snap-happy like we did on our cable car ride from Mount Faber to Sentosa. Photo: Nicholas Yong

Adventures At Home: Let’s Rediscover Sentosa

Sentosa has been the go-to holiday destination for generations of Singaporeans since the 1970s. Remember Fantasy Island, Underwater World, and riding the Monorail? Good times wei.


But this island wasn’t always the idyllic getaway we know and love. The “State of Fun” was once known by the name Pulau Blakang Mati ("Death-from-the-back Island" in Malay), a very un-fun name referencing piracy in the area at the time.

Then in the 1600s, the European colonial powers die-die wanted Blakang Mati, thanks to its very strategic location between trading routes connecting East and West. During the British occupation, the island was transformed into a military outpost to defend Keppel Harbour and the shipping straits around Singapore. Many of these military installations remain today.

Today, 50 years since Blakang Mati was renamed "Sentosa", and armed with the National Heritage Board’s latest Sentosa Heritage Trail as a guide, we rediscover the stories that make up this little island with a big history.

Photo: Nicholas Yong

Travel to Sentosa via the Singapore Cable Car

Start your Sentosa trip on a high with a trip via the cable car. Show off Insta-stories of Sentosa’s lush jungle and coastline, but be careful not to accidentally drop your phone through the cable car’s windows.

Did you know: The system was officially opened on 15 February 1974 by then-Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence, Dr Goh Keng Swee – that makes the line 48 years old!

Photo: National Heritage Board

Book a staycay at Oasia Resort Sentosa
Former Recreation Ground and Barracks

Oasia Resort has plenty of wellness activities (like a healing spa and sunset yoga) to spoil your better half silly - a couples getaway idea, perhaps?

Did you know: In its past life, this was formerly barrack blocks 9 and 10, the home away from home for the British military. The soldiers were segregated by rank and ethnicity, and the recreation ground was the only place where soldiers met as equals competing in football, cricket, and hockey.

Live it up at Capella Singapore
Former Officers’ Mess and Quarters

When you really want to wow bae for your anniversary or her birthday, the Capella Singapore is one of the most atas destinations you can pick on Sentosa.

Did you know: It's all spruced up now, but did you know the two main colonial buildings of Capella once served as accommodation for officers of the British military? The location was surrounded by tennis and racquet courts, and officers employed their own domestic workers. The British top brass also hosted Christmas and New Year parties here, and wined, dined and danced the night away to band performances.

Photo: Nicholas Yong

Makan at the Mess Hall
Barracks at the Former Parade Ground

The Mess Hall today is a foodie paradise with fancy dining options like Quentin’s Bar & Restaurant serving Eurasian food, and classic Parisian café Le Faubourg.

Did you know: In maps dating to the 1890s, these were shown to be soldiers’ blocks with offices, dining halls, stores, and armouries. Try to spot the boot scrapers used by soldiers back then (you can find one in front of 7-Eleven).

Photo: Nicholas Yong
Photo: Nicholas Yong

Take in the views from atop the Fort Siloso Skywalk

The only preserved coastal fort in Singapore is a treasure trove of World War II memorabilia, such as massive coastal guns as well as the remains of fortified military structures and tunnels. Start your trip via the 11-storey Fort Siloso Skywalk and enjoy the sibeh breathtaking views of Keppel on one side, and Siloso beach on the other.

Did you know: Fort Siloso has just been gazetted as a National Monument? And on Total Defence Day this year (15 Feb) no less! Read more about this former British base here.

Explore the secrets behind Fort Serapong

A short walk from Sentosa Cove Village bus station (use bus B), the summit at Mount Serapong is the highest point on Sentosa – so it offered a vantage point for artillery batteries.

Did you know: If you want to explore its sprawling stone ruins, underground tunnels, and secret reservoirs, you can book a tour of the fort. The tour is hosted by Beyond Expeditions, a local travel agency founded by Scott Tay. (Psst! This isn't on Sentosa, but Beyond Expeditions also has an unusual Mongolian staycation that you should definitely check out.)

(Clockwise from left) These photos of Sentosa's old ferry terminal, monorail and first-generation cable car are testament to how far the island has come as a "State of Fun".Photos: Handout

Be wowed by these fun Sentosa facts

Check out our piece,"Remember These? Fun Sentosa Facts To Celebrate The Island's Golden Jubilee" to uncover more little-known facts about the "State of Fun".

There are adventures galore on Sentosa - whether it's intertidal exploration, stepping back into our island's past or trekking through the forest.Photos: Sentosa Development Corporation

Pick a tour, any tour!

Speaking of Sentosa's Golden Jubilee, check out our piece, "Adventures At Home: New Sentosa Tours Offer Wild Encounters And "Time Travel" to discover over 50 thrilling new experiences and events on the island as part of the celebration.

Your Insta-walk checklist here:

Photo: Nicholas Yong

Selfies with “celebrities” at Madame Tussauds Singapore

Today we can take photos with wax statues of the Avengers and A-list celebrities at Madame Tussauds Singapore, but when this building was opened in the 1890s it served as a military hospital for British soldiers. It later became the barracks for Japanese troops during the Japanese Occupation. In 1976, this former military hospital housed the Surrender Chambers exhibition, which was moved to Fort Siloso in 2004.

Photo: National Heritage Board

Visit the Imbiah Battery

The 9.2-inch gun battery on Mount Imbiah is the last of its kind left standing on our Little Red Dot. The Imbiah Battery was decommissioned after longer range runs were installed at Fort Connaught in 1936, and it survived development works at Sentosa in the 1970s to this day.

Happening history sia

If you’re interested to explore the rich history of Sentosa, you can follow NHB’s Sentosa Heritage Trail. There are three suggested routes you can take:

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