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Get ready to kick, dribble, swing, or sprint your way into a community of fellow sports enthusiasts with these apps! IMAGE: INSTAGRAM/@STRANGERSOCCER

Use These Apps To Meet And Play With Sports Kakis

As an adult, it’s much more difficult to organise team sports with your friends, especially when it comes to managing everyone’s schedules. I’ve been having this issue lately as I love football but I don’t really have kakis I can play with.

That was until I discovered that there are sports apps out there that you can find like-minded sports enthusiasts to set up a casual game. If you're tired of solo workouts and itching to connect with like-minded folks who share your passion for sports, your next workout buddy might just be a click away. Here are 5 apps that you can use to discover new kakis, based on your sporting interests.

Stranger Soccer

Sport: Futsal, 11-a-side games

Why we like it: Gone are the days when you can just head down to the HDB void deck and engage in a pick-up football game with your neighbourhood homies. But Stranger Soccer is the closest thing that we have right now to recreate those halcyon days.

This awesome app makes playing as easy as going for a job. They will help you source for games near your area, either in nearby futsal pitches or stadium. The app even caters to your level of difficulty.

Whether you’re a recreational player just looking to have a casual kickabout or harbour dreams of being the next Ronaldo, there’s something for everyone at every level. If Singapore’s goal of making it to the World Cup were to happen, it will need such platforms to make The Beautiful Game accessible to the grassroots.


Sport: Badminton, Tennis, Cycling

Why we like it: The Meetup app is a jackpot when it comes to finding some of the more niche sports in Singapore. You can find a bunch of badminton, tennis, or even cycling interest groups looking to organise weekly meet-ups. If you’re more of the gung-ho, why not set up your own meetup group and make an open invite.

So if you like to smash birdies or pedal like there's no tomorrow, Meetup can be your own personal sports matchmaker. I subscribe to a few of the Meetup group alerts so you even have the option to tie it to your notification system. Super convenient, I must say.


Sport: Yoga, Soul Cycling, Gym classes

Why we like it: The ClassPass app is your ultimate fitness fairy godparent in Singapore! Want to strike a zen pose in yoga, pedal your heart out in spin cycling, or lift weights like a superhero at the gym? ClassPass has got your back… and biceps.

When you download the app, you can choose to top up credits and start shortlisting the fitness activities or classes you want to join based on your interests. It’s like turning your exercise routine into a choose-your-own-adventure quest. I’ve done everything from hot yoga classes, spin sessions and even a random pilates class at a gym thanks to ClassPass. Granted, I’m usually the only guy there for some reason, but at least it forces me out of my comfort zone.


Sport: Cycling, running groups, water sports

Why we like it: Facebook needs no introduction. One really underrated aspect of the social media platform is the ability to create Facebook interest groups. When diving down the rabbit hole, I find that there’s a thriving community of cycling and running groups. You can find them organising cross-island cycles, nighttime CBD runs and even marathon training. I think it’s cool that you can meet like-minded individuals whom you can exchange information and tips with on these channels. Guess Facebook can be more than just boomers sharing random news on their feeds.


Sport: Community sports

Why we like it: The ActiveSG app was introduced as part of Sport Singapore’s efforts to make their facilities and programmes more convenient and user-friendly. Think of it as like a one-stop portal where visitors can sign up for ActiveSG programmes, book sport facilities, and register for activities and classes.

It’s heartening to see Singaporeans of all ages come together for all kinds of community sports, from netball, volleyball to even basketball. The best way to bond with strangers is through sports, and who knows you might even find fellow enthusiasts around your neighbourhood through the ActiveSG app.

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