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Bored Of Void Deck Hoops? Try These Sports In Phase 3

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been stuck playing 3-on-2 (’cause max 5 right?) basketball since the Circuit Breaker ended and it’s starting to lose its spark. I’ve been waiting eagerly for the chance to appease my adventurous side and try out new and interesting sports around town.

Phase 3 is right around the corner and we’ll have the chance to venture out, try new things and start new hobbies. Shiok ah!

Like a café that serves coffee out of mason jars, these sports are a little more “hipster” and slightly more ulu than your ordinary community centre badminton or void deck street football. Time to put on your sports shoes and give these 5 sports a go in Phase 3.

Flag Football

NFL fans out there, this one’s a treat. Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to put on pads and a helmet to become a human tackling dummy. At the Singapore Flag Football Association (SFFA), you get a taste of American Football without the high-speed collisions and heavy protective equipment (which would be extremely warm to wear in Singapore).

Flag Football is a variation of American Football where the rules are very similar, but instead of tackling someone to the ground, a flag around the waist of a player is pulled off.

The best thing about the SFFA? It’s open to everyone. The group gathers every Saturday morning, 9 am, at Farrer Park Active SG Field @ 1 Rutland Rd. Just show up, head out there, and start throwing bombs downfield like Tom Brady.


Skateboarding isn’t just for kids. Take me for example - I started learning to skateboard at the age of 25 and it’s been an absolute blast. And from the amount of time I’ve spent browsing Reddit, there are folks out there who are starting at a much later age.

The best way to get into skateboarding? Just pick up a skateboard, get to park, and start skating. Uh… duh, Captain Obvious. Trust me, there’s no substitute for good ol’ trial and error when it comes to skateboarding.

Where to get a skateboard? Check out Go Sports Singapore at SCAPE or 418 Skate Shop at Bedok to pick up a skateboard of your liking and start ripping.

If you’re afraid of falling, well, it’s probably gonna happen if you’re on a plank of wood with wheels. That’s why I would highly recommend getting a helmet if you’re starting out, and even a set of knee, elbow, and wrist pads to keep you extra safe.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Okay, maybe falling down on concrete flooring might not be for you. Perhaps give Stand Up Paddle Boarding a go. And if you fall, you only need to know how to swim.

This sport lets you enjoy the adrenaline of riding on a board and combines it with the calmness of the ocean. Stand Up Paddle Boarding, commonly referred to as SUP, is a water sport that originated from Surfing, except that you’re using a paddle to propel yourself in the water.

There are a few spots that provide SUP introductory courses for those looking for a leisurely cruise around the shores of Singapore. Adventure Paddlers down by Pasir Ris beach offers an Introduction to Stand Up Paddle Boarding lesson that teaches you the basics of SUP and everything you need to know to start catching waves.


The skill and grace of parkour would have been a particularly useful one back in primary school when competitive playground “catching” was a big thing in my life. But now, it’s seen as a sport and a movement that allows participants to see their environments in new ways and navigate through them with creativity and flair.

While extreme parkour can definitely be death-defying and certainly quite dangerous, A2 Parkour provides a safe space for those new to parkour. With trained professionals conducting regular classes, you’ll be introduced to crawling, running, jumping, and climbing at your own pace.

If you consider yourself an athlete and want to try it on your own… you probably shouldn’t. We try not to judge but it would be funny to see a grown adult jumping and swinging around at a playground.

Pro tip: Go with your kids (if you have any) so you have an excuse.

Disc Golf

You might have heard of ultimate frisbee, and you’re likely familiar with the game of golf, but I bet you’ve probably never heard of Disc Golf. A combination of the two sports, disc golf is pretty much golf but with a frisbee.

(It’s perfect if you enjoy atas sports like golf, but aren’t actually atas enough to play golf. )

Disc golf can be played by athletes of all ages and is likely the least physically demanding sport on this list. It is, however, heavily dependent on skill and accuracy, much like golf itself.

Check out the Singapore Disc Golf community and join them for a friendly Disc Golf session. Beginners welcome!

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