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Expanding Your Exotic Plant Collection? These Are The Nurseries To Visit In Singapore

From monstera thai constellations to philodendron strawberry shakes and aglaonema pictum tricolours, every avid plant collector’s wish list will probably include these leafy treasures and more. They are prized for their stunning colouration and intricate leaf patterns, often commanding sky-high prizes even for a rooted cutting with one or two leaves.

For experienced plant parents, bargains can often be found from online retailers abroad, such as Indonesia’s Sindo or Ecuagenera from Ecuador. However, if you’re new to the botanic game, it’s best to purchase your desired plant from a reputable local nursery.

Why do we say that? Well, plants aren’t always greener from the other side. Whilst there’s a chance that freshly-shipped plants will arrive looking pristine, they do require some level of experience in acclimatising them to our local climate. Otherwise, your newest acquisition may end up perishing before you know it.

If you aren’t much of a risk-taker, check out these five trusted local retailers that enthusiasts often head to for exotic plants in Singapore. You can be assured the plants you bring home are healthy, rooted well and ready to receive your tender loving care. And even better yet - it’s also a great chance to meet the plant community, make new friends and exchange handy care tips!

Little Botany

A trip to the whimsical nursery at Tebing Lane provides the perfect chance to ogle at owner Fendi Sani’s personal collection of philodendrons, alocasias and more. More importantly, it’s a treasure trove of beautiful plants and artisanal pottery. There’s something for everyone, from aroid addicts to casual browsers. Not ready to cough up thousands for a philodendron joepii? The philodendron red congo goes for $6 a pop. You’ll also be supporting a local artisan when you bring home one of the gorgeous handmade pots for sale. And if you’re all about a good deal, look out for their occasional promotions - storewide discounts (including on their online store) are offered from time to time, and you may even receive free cuttings too.

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House of Plants

Just a couple of doors down from Little Botany is its friendly neighbour, House of Plants, run by married couple Frank and Zhi Xian. Sustainability is at the heart of what they do - tables and displays for their lush plants (the velvety anthuriums are a hot favourite) are often built by Frank himself, and propagations of hot favourites are sold at a reasonable price. And whilst they do have an online store, you’ll want to check out their physical greenhouse instead - it was recently expanded, making it a lot more spacious and well-stocked.

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Terrascapes probably needs no introduction within the local plant community. Helmed by Sandy Soh and Bridgette Yeoh, its sprawling grounds are filled with uncommon succulents, unicorn plants (read: rare and highly sought-after) and green giants - some even creeping from its pots and rooting into the ground. Just be sure to take note of the various “not for sale” signs placed around the nursery - the plants marked as such are either not ready for sale, or belong to their personal collection.

Oh, and there are plenty of parrots and adorable cats roaming the grounds, so do look out for them if you’re a fan. For those who aren’t too keen on travelling to the west, their occasional plant sales on Instagram are your best bet - they often release a whole bunch of good stuff that get snapped up within minutes.

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Greenfingers Singapore

Rare succulents, variegated unicorns, edible fruit plants... You name it, and towkay Shawn Chen probably has it at his nursery in Lim Chu Kang, or up for sale on his Instagram account - delivery is available for an additional fee. And if you’re crazy about orchids, Greenfingers Singapore is also home to exotic varieties like the variegated tiger orchid - an intricate work of nature that commands a $45,000 price tag. Yup, that amount could possibly settle your home renovation.

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Arture SG

Whilst Arture SG does carry a fair range of trendy aroids, this is the place to be if you’re looking for vibrant bromeliads or exotic caladiums sporting unusual colours. As a bonus, plants from Arture SG are often repotted in owner Tevin Lee’s well-draining proprietary potting mix; and if they aren’t, you can always purchase them by the bag too. And if you’re into Facebook Live sales, you’ll want to tune in to their weekly sessions, where Tevin often dishes out helpful care tips too.

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