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The 3-song Weekend EP features a mix of producers and artists. L to R: LeftOnSeen, MATCHA, Noble God, Mogambo, Vibhu Singh, SID PHOTO: instagram/@529god

Spotify Spotlight: Weekend EP by Noble God

If you could make a soundtrack of the perfect weekend, what songs would be in it?

For Indian-Singaporean artist Arya Deva, who goes by the decidedly celestial alias Noble God, he decided to create an EP that perfectly encapsulates the array of emotions one might experience over a weekend.

The EP might feature only three songs, but the project is an ambitious one and sees Noble God collaborating with a bunch of different artists and producers who are part of an international collective known as "529".

Sounds like: Dark rap melancholy powered by trap-heavy beats. The lyrical delivery is reminscent of rappers such as Jack Harlow, Cordae and even hints of G-Eazy.

Noble God kicks off the EP with the solo track "LUV" punctuated by the anguished refrain, "I need love". The beat is pulsating and urgent which fits the lyrical theme perfectly.

"STACKS" featuring SID is up next. Things take a slower turn thanks to a sorrowful guitar line. SID's vocals are mournful and tinged with sadness. Almost like a hangover from the day after.

"DOWN IT" concludes the musical journey, and it is a complete vibe. Mogambo and Pesty Pupil kill it with their verses, ending the EP on an impactful note. Overall, it is a solid, memorable effort but all too brief. We look forward to more music from this talented bunch. on Spotify

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