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(Clockwise from top left): Could Beauty, Dragon, Lily, Handsome or Ginger be your Forever Furkid? Photos: Noah's Ark Cares

Jurong Island Dogs Up For Adoption: You Could Help Rewrite Their Future

While it is common knowledge that Jurong Island (off the southwestern coast of Singapore) is a manmade island that forms the heart of Singapore’s chemical and energy industry, and serves as the operational headquarters for leading petroleum and petrochemical companies, not many of us know about the canine population there.

Yes, there are dogs living on Jurong Island! In fact, the island is currently home to about 150 of them. Interestingly, 80% of the dogs on the island are black, and because of superstitious beliefs, many consider such dogs as evil and aggressive - which couldn't be further from the truth (see adoption profiles below). 

No one really knows how the dogs got on to Jurong Island, but according to what Noah’s Ark Cares (NA Cares) believes, they must have been there at the beginning of the evolution of Jurong Island.

One clue: the Jurong Island Highway that links Jurong Island to the main island of Singapore was opened in March 1999.

Meranti Shelter (Jurong Island)

May we repost this Jurong Island video again - as the previous version was abruptly shortened (by FB). Enjoy!

Posted by NA CARES Singapore - Noah's Ark CARES on Monday, 12 October 2020

Kind strangers probably fed the stray dogs that made it there. However, unchecked populations grew due to the lack of a purposeful sterilisation programme.

Hence, in 2014, NA Cares was invited to participate in the Jurong Island Trap-Neuter-Return-Manage (TNRM) Project, a humane population control endeavour which is, still today, the sole objective of Jurong Town Corporation (JTC), NA Cares and the latter’s partner animal welfare group, SOSD.

While dedicated staff of NA Cares and volunteers help to care for, feed and look after the medical needs of the Jurong Island strays, rehoming the dogs gives the pooches a second chance at life too. They can’t change their past, but you could help rewrite their future.

Do you feel the call to temporarily foster or permanently adopt one of these pooches from Jurong Island? Email [email protected] for more information.

Meanwhile, here are some lovelies up for adoption:

Black Dogs Roool!!! Handsome lives up to his name ❤ - the shelter's resident hunk! He certainly has many posters to...

Posted by NA CARES Singapore - Noah's Ark CARES on Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Name: Handsome

Gender: Male

Personality: Described as a “small great Dane”, this gentle giant will melt hearts at first sight! He’s got beautiful big brown eyes and a smile that lights up the room. He loves the outdoors (probably more than you) but also doesn’t mind a little television time.

Weight: 45kg

Best suited for you if... you’re looking for a companion who can keep up with your long walks and hikes - he’s the one!

Photo: NA Cares

Name: Dragon

Gender: Male

Personality: Dragon is a social butterfly; friendly with everyone (including kids) and is food- and treat-motivated. He is quite a sticky dog though; prepare to have a shadow around you in the house.

Weight: Approximately 20kg

Best suited for you if… you like having a companion by your side, one who will be practically stuck like glue. If you’ve got other dogs, Dragon might fit right in since he has had prior experience living with dog-mates.

Photo: NA Cares

Name: Ginger

Gender: Female

Weight: Approximately 25kg

Personality:  Ginger is an easy-going, chill, fuss-free dog that is food- and treat-motivated. She may be a bit wary of humans at the start but once you’ve gained her trust, it’s pretty much magic from then on. Needs extra love patience when it rains and there’s thunder (the best time to get to know her because she’ll be snuggling up to you for company and comfort).

Best suited for you if…  you love cosying up to your furkid when it’s cold.

Black Dogs Rool!!! We featured the first of our black dogs, Godiva. Now it's Beauty's turn. Big is beautiful, and so...

Posted by NA CARES Singapore - Noah's Ark CARES on Monday, 5 April 2021

Name: Beauty

Gender: Female

Weight: 45kg

Personality: Beauty is no pushover! She will tell her dog neighbours off if she is unhappy with them. She is an active, independent, big, and strong dog that has an interest in interior design (because she’s always redoing her den on Jurong Island). She’s just a really chill dog.

Recommended living environment: Beauty is better as a single child (grown woman)

Photo: NA Cares

Name: Lily

Gender: Female

Weight: Approximately 15kg

Background: Lily has been in the shelter for about 6 years now. That’s 6 x 7 = 42 human years. Very long leh! That’s why she’s wary of humans… But all she needs is someone who believes in her potential and can give her all the love and time to walk this journey with her. It will probably be tough one but nothing good comes easy.

Best suited for you if… you are extra patient and kind, and willing to offer Lily a good home to live out the rest of her days.

How do I make a donation?

Noah's Ark Cares (NA Cares) is an animal welfare group with the IPC (“Institutions of a Public Character”) status. To qualify as an IPC, the charity must be dedicated to serving the needs of the community in Singapore, and IPCs are able to issue tax deduction receipts to donors for qualifying donations.

You can help NA Cares by donating to The Jurong TNRM Project via:

  • PayNow: UEN T05SS0171L
  • Bank transfer: DBS Account No. 012-900823-0
  • Cheque: Make cheque payable to Noah’s Ark CARES

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