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Illustration: Ho Ler Lim

Here's How To Get More Juice Out Of Your Lemons

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade… or, in reality, you squeeze them over your salads, your grilled fish, and into your honey drink. But sometimes these lemons can turn out to be really hard, a tad old and tough to juice. To get the amount of lemon juice required in some recipes, you may have to go through more lemons than necessary, discarding at least a quarter of them midway. Here’s how to get those juices flowing.

1. Store lemons out in the open

Refrigeration will only harden them. 

2. Microwave them

Warm up your lemons in the oven at a low heat setting for about 30 seconds, wait for them to cool down and give them a mighty squeeze.

3. Cut them lengthwise

We generally slice a lemon down its centre but chopping them lengthwise may yield you more juice.

4. Roll the lemons to and fro

Apparently doing this breaks down the lemon and makes it easier to juice. Because lemons need a body massage to loosen up too?

5. Choose the right lemon

A thin-skinned one will have less pith (the white tissue that lines the inner rind) and so, more juice. How do you know if a lemon is thick skinned or not? Hold the lemon gently and press it gently with your thumb.

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