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From a 1kg whopper of a bak chang, to a dumpling featuring Black Pepper Chilli Crab, our list has the yummiest offerings of the season. IMAGES: INTERCONTINENTAL SINGAPORE (LEFT) AND CONRAD CENTENNIAL SINGAPORE

It’s Bak Chang Season Again! Here’s Where To Grab Them

You know the story: Ancient Chinese scholar drowns himself in the river having despaired of the treachery and corruption in his province. His horrified fans throw rice dumplings into said waters, and beat drums on boats to divert underwater scavengers from devouring his body.

It all sounds like it was a dramatic day, which the Chinese now commemorate by making and eating rice dumplings in every flavour and permutation imaginable. Hey, whatever keeps us together in harmony and all that, right?

So, here it is – a short list of bak chang options to look forward to this year.

Red Bean Rice Dumpling from Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung’s ever-popular Red Bean Rice Dumpling ($6.80) is back again, flown in from Taiwan just for the occasion. Each wonderfully chewy package is a moreish combination of top-grade pearl glutinous rice wrapped around fragrant red bean paste. Enjoy them freshly steamed in any Din Tai Fung outlet or order some frozen to savour in the comfort of home, even after the Dragon Boat Festival has passed. Available till 25 Jun.

Teochew Bak Zhang from Thye Moh Chan

To celebrate its 80th anniversary, this stalwart Teochew bakery has a trio of traditional Teochew bak chang flavours. The selection ($6.80 each) comprises the popular Teochew Double Delight and Teochew Salted Egg Bak Chang, as well as a Teochew Vegetarian Chang. Each is slow-cooked over two and a half hours to ensure the ingredients meld together to yield succulent, plump dumplings that are worthy of the occasion. Available till 22 Jun.

Black Truffle Charred BBQ Iberico Pork Rice Dumpling from Paradise Group

Premium Iberico char siew embedded in pyramids of sticky rice, then lashed with black truffle sauce and truffle oil ($13.80)? Yes, please! That’s just one of many delicious offerings from Paradise Group, which includes three new options: Gula Melaka Red Bean Paste ($6.80), Roasted Pork, Dried Shrimp, Conpoy and Spicy Rice ($68.80, part of the Rice Dumpling Gift Set), and Braised Pork Belly with Japanese Mushroom and Conpoy ($12.80). Available for takeaway till 22 Jun at Taste Paradise, Paradise Teochew Restaurant or Canton Paradise.

Classic Cantonese XL Rice Dumpling from Man Fu Yuan

If you’re feeling flush this year and want to share a dumpling with your favourite people, check out Man Fu Yuan’s Classic Cantonese XL Rice Dumpling ($88) that weighs a whopping 1kg. It heaves with Cantonese favourites like a pair of five-head South African abalones, five-spice pork belly, giant dried shrimps imported from Hong Kong, dace, roasted duck and red quinoa. Only 88 of these babies are available this year, so order now if you want to get your hands on one. Available till 22 Jun.


Five-grain Plant-based Meat Rice Dumpling from Golden Peony

Those eschewing meat this year can find satisfaction in a myriad of vegetarian options, including this Five-Grain Plant-based Meat Rice Dumping ($22) from Golden Peony. Squirrelled within each delicious parcel is a filling of plant-based meat, mock bak kwa, Chinese mushrooms, chestnuts and ginger purée.


For seafood lovers, there’s a Singapore Black Pepper Chilli Crab, Prawn and Bedford Scallop Rice Dumpling ($36). Talk about bak chang with a difference!

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