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5 Sexy Valentine's Day Staycations During Phase 3

What’s never sexy: when Valentine’s Day shares the same weekend as Chinese New Year.

Because then your meticulously planned couple dates may clash with whatever fam visits your parents have scheduled so you have to meet each other at the end of the evening, with bags of oranges, pockets full of ang pows and tummies stuffed with pineapple tarts, love letters and grand-aunt’s fish maw stew.

But the course of true love never did run smooth, so put in some effort and book your special dates early. We already did half the work for you here!

Frolic under the open skies

And we don’t mean lying on the grass at Marina Barrage and fending off mosquitoes and being stampeded by screechy kids chasing after their kites.

Do your open-sky routine more stylishly at the hipster Hotel Soloha which has suites with private outdoor spaces and also outdoor bathtubs. Now all you need are some bath bombs, a bottle of wine and keropok.

Share a bath… using Hermès toiletries

The real Crazy Rich Asians aren’t coming back by the First Class plane cabin-loads yet so you can pretend to be one for now.

Depending on which suite you book (or can afford, ahem) at Marina Bay Sands Hotel, their Luxe Suite Savings promotion will give you various rich people perks like 24-hour butler service, one limo ride to the hotel or back home (because even Grab Premium is for ordinary folks), complimentary couple massages at the Banyan Tree Spa, a pillow menu and luxury bathroom toiletries from Hermès that we can already see you kop-ing home. 

This one sure can win his or her heart!

Drink champagne all day

In normal times, Shangri-La Hotel’s Valley Wing is popular with the rich and famous because it has its own lobby with a private entrance for shy and secretive guests. But since it’s all about new norms now, you can enjoy the same VIP feels.

The hotel’s Valley Wing Indulgence package keeps you and BB well-fed (and er, well-quenched?) all day long because you will get daily breakfast and daily afternoon tea. There’s more for yao gui hotel guests: you also get daily evening canapés and cocktails and all-day champagne at The Champagne Bar.

To up the shiok factor even more, there’s a 90-minute massage for two at the in-house Chi, The Spa. Back in your room, a butler will draw a special bubble bath with rose petals for you. How not to feel sexy, you tell us?

Roll around in a four-poster bed

If you always harboured fantasies of being in a four-poster bed in a dimly lit room, we don’t need to know why and we won’t judge you too!

Check in at the very aptly named The Scarlet Singapore and book the even more aptly named Passion suite. It’s decked out all in red and black to cater to all your boudoir needs.

The highlight here is, of course, the opulent four-poster bed and your personal private jacuzzi in the outdoor terrace.

Three's company

Yes, some of us like a ménage à trois with our furkid, can?

Amara Sanctuary’s Pampered Paws or Pampered Meows package lets you bring along your pet pooch or puss who will also get a designer amenities kit. While both packages include breakfast for two adults, dog owners will have to pay more as they will be staying at the colonial-style Courtyard Suite while cat owners get the Deluxe Room.

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