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This change starting April 2023 is part of MINDEF’s efforts to improve the NS experience. Image: Pioneer

Ho Seh Lah! NS Exit Permit Only Needed If Out Of S'pore For 12 Months Or Longer

Oh the mafan-ness that NSmen currently experience of applying for an exit permit when leaving the country for six months or more. That’s all about to change.

On 27 Feb 2023, at the Committee of Supply debate on the Ministry of Defence’s (MINDEF’s) budget, Senior Minister of State for Defence Heng Chee How announced the relaxation of this exit permit requirement. From April 2023, this requirement will apply to trips out of Singapore for 12 months or longer.

This is part of MINDEF’s and the Singapore Armed Forces’ continual efforts to improve the NS experience for NSmen, while balancing operational readiness requirements.

This should be music to your ears, especially if you stay or work overseas for a longer duration.

If you’re planning to do so and are going to be out of the country for a long period (but less than 12 months lah, so that you don’t need to apply for the exit permit), we have some tips!


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