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If only they sold this cool image as a T-shirt in the merch section. Photo: Nicholas Yong

"Attack On Titan" Exhibition Is A Timely Tribute To A Seminal Anime Masterpiece

To say I was stoked to hear that ArtScience Museum would be hosting an exhibition - nay, a magnificent tribute to one of the greatest pieces of Japanese manga and anime ever created, "Attack On Titan", is a gross understatement, to say the least. I was so super hyped, I literally had the chills replaying the entire story in my mind.

But before I go full-on otaku on you, here are some good reasons to visit "Attack On Titans: The Exhibition", whether you're a huge fan or simply curious about this seminal component of pop culture.

Photo: Nicholas Yong

1. It coincides with The Final Season Part 2 of the critically acclaimed series

"Attack On Titan" begins with a story of humanity at the brink of extinction, hiding behind walls to define themselves against the invading powerful but mindless giants known as Titans.

Along the way, there are plenty of plot twists and heavy character development in Hajime Isayama’s dark fantasy story - think "Game of Thrones" at its peak greatness. The manga ended last year after an 11-year run, but the show has spawned a live-action film and an amazing anime that you can watch on Netflix - The Final Season Part 2 is happening right now!

Photo: Ng Kai
Photo: Nicholas Yong
Photo: Nicholas Yong

2. It is a great entry point into one of the most epic pieces of pop culture this generation has seen

Experiencing FOMO? If your friends are talking non-stop about "Attack on Titan", this exhibition is the best place to kick-start your journey into Isayama’s fantastical world.

It's a comprehensive introduction to how it all began, the life and background behind the two warring factions, and how they cross paths. Who are the Titans, really? What are they even? Who are Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Levi, and Reiner, and why are they iconic?

At the very end of the showcase located in Basement 2 of ArtScience Museum, there’s a video that recaps what's happened so far in the anime - a great way to get in on the AoT convo in your buzzing Telegram chat group.

Photo: Nicholas Yong

3. It is a marvel of art, imagination and storytelling

More than 150 artworks from the artist’s archives are showcased throughout the exhibition. You can see how Isayama’s artwork developed through the years; his personal comments give you a peek into his thought processeses as he illustrated this grand saga.

Photo: Nicholas Yong

There’s also a must-visit room near the end showing a video interview with Isayama - framed by original concept drawings and storyboards - in which he speaks about his creation.

Photo: Nicholas Yong

The best part of the exhibition: this CGI masterpiece. Watch an epic battle between Titans on a titanic 10m screen which blends the original manga art with CGI to create a truly immersive mini-movie. I had goosebumps watching this unfold.

Photo: Nicholas Yong

4. It is fascinatingly relatable to this current Covid sitch

The childhood dream of Attack on Titan’s main character Eren wanting to see the world beyond the walls behind which he has been cooped up his entire life is soberingly relatable.

In fact, ArtScience worked with experiential design company SPACElogic and the Attack On Titan team in Japan to bring this cultural phenomenon to Singapore for the first time not only because of its impact but also because of its relevance and timeliness to the current COVID sitch.

“If we dig deeper into Attack on Titan, themes like hope and perseverance emerge as common threads. We also witness the resilience and resourcefulness of the characters as they overcome the consequences of an epidemic in their own world," says Honor Harger, Vice President of Attractions, Marina Bay Sands.

"Stories such as Attack on Titan provide many of us with a sense of escapism, but they can also remind us of our humanity and courage when facing difficult circumstances.”

Photos: ArtScience Museum

Another thought-provoking exhibition next door

As for something literally pandemic-related, check out the “Hope From Chaos: Pandemic Reflections” exhibition right next to the AoT showcase. It's another pretty cool way to reflect on the past two years of madness.

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