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Discover how Sushi Tei’s 1-for-1 deal, JAL’s skyward surge, and DBS’s payment prowess shaped Singapore’s brand landscape in February. IMAGES (clockwise from left): Facebook/@sushiteisg, @JapanAirlinesWorldwide, and

Unveiling APAC Brand Movers: Singapore's Feb 2024 Triumphs

In the bustling landscape of Singapore’s dynamic consumer market, February 2024 witnessed a fascinating interplay of brand dynamics, with notable shifts reflecting evolving consumer preferences and strategic brand manoeuvres.

The latest insights from APAC Biggest Brand Movers, powered by YouGov BrandIndex, makes it evident that across a selection of Asia-Pacific markets, Singapore’s retail scene is abuzz with excitement and innovation, showcasing the resilience and adaptability of brands amid changing times.


Singapore’s top 10 Biggest Brand Movers for February 2024 are ranked according to the number of statistically significant score increases they achieved across the following BrandIndex metrics:

Media and Communication Metrics

  • Aided Brand Awareness – Whether or not a consumer has ever heard of a brand
  • Ad Awareness – Whether a consumer has seen or heard an advertisement for a brand in the past two weeks
  • Word of Mouth Exposure – Whether a consumer has talked about a brand with family or friends in the past two weeks
  • Buzz – Whether a consumer has heard anything positive or negative about a brand in the past two weeks (net score)

Brand Perception Metrics

  • General Impression – Whether a consumer has a positive or negative impression of a brand
  • Customer Satisfaction – Whether a consumer is currently a satisfied or dissatisfied customer of a particular brand
  • Quality – Whether a consumer considers a brand to represent good or poor quality
  • Value – Whether a consumer considers a brand to represent good or poor value for money
  • Recommendation – Whether a consumer would recommend a brand to a friend or colleague or not
  • Corporate Reputation – Whether a consumer would be proud or embarrassed to work for a particular brand

Purchase Funnel Metrics

  • Consideration – Whether a consumer would consider a brand or not the next time they are in the market for a particular product
  • Purchase Intent – Whether a consumer would be most likely or unlikely to purchase a specific product
  • Current Customer – Whether a consumer has purchased a given product or not within a specified period of time

Sushi Tei’s sensational surge

Emerging as the undisputed champion of brand ascent in February, Sushi Tei proudly wears the crown of Singapore’s Biggest Brand Mover. The renowned Japanese restaurant chain orchestrated a remarkable performance, securing gains across nine out of thirteen crucial BrandIndex metrics.

From bolstering aided brand awareness to enhancing customer satisfaction, Sushi Tei strategically navigated the media and communication landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds (and, obviously, tummies) of consumers.

The secret ingredient behind Sushi Tei’s triumph: its savvy collaboration with UOB cards, unveiling irresistible 1-for-1 deals tantalising patrons with the promise of delectable tuna sushi and refreshing beer cocktails.

This strategic alliance not only heightened brand visibility but also fostered a sense of value and delight among diners, propelling Sushi Tei to the zenith of consumer consciousness.

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Redefining air travel: JAL takes flight

In the race for brand supremacy, Japan’s flagship carrier, JAL, emerged as a formidable contender, clinching the runner-up position with its stellar performance. With a remarkable surge across eight pivotal metrics spanning media and communication, JAL soared to new heights, resonating with travellers seeking unparalleled experiences amid the clouds.

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DBS: pioneering payment innovation

Securing the third spot on Singapore’s podium of brand movers is DBS, the pioneering force in the realm of payment solutions. Witnessing improvements across five critical metrics, DBS reaffirmed its position as the preferred choice for discerning consumers navigating the digital landscape.

With a steadfast commitment to innovation and customer-centricity, DBS continues to shape the future of finance, fostering trust and reliability among its vast clientele.

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