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Celebrate The Year Of The Tiger With These Roar-some Game Characters

My best memories of CNY as a kid were of playing video games with my cousins after greeting all my uncles and aunties and collecting angbao.

And with this year being the Year of the Tiger, it got me thinking about the cool tigers that have appeared in video games through the years. Here is a look back at some of the most unforgettable of the lot:

Long from Bloody Roar

Wow this fighting game really takes me back. In "Bloody Roar", all the characters are able to transform into a half-human half-animal form called a Zoanthrope – and one of my favourite characters in this game is the Chinese martial artist Long who transforms into a cool tiger-human hybrid. Check out his moveset in the video above – awesome wei.

The tigers from Animal Kaiser

Nowadays it’s all Pokémon arcade games in every mall, but there was a time years and years ago when kids fought over which animals were the strongest in the "Animal Kaiser" arcade/card game machine. Of course, there were tigers including the Bengal Tiger and “hero animals” Joe and Kid Tiger. Fun fact: this video game included the Merlion too.

Tai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger

This underrated video game that only millennials will probably remember has you playing the title character Tai Fu, the sole survivor of the Tiger clan, as he learns to master other animal Kung Fu styles in a journey to defeat the Dragon Master. The game was developed by DreamWorks Interactive back in 1999… were they inspired by the game to make "Kung Fu Panda"?

The Khajit race from The Elder Scrolls

The Khajit are a feline race from "The Elder Scrolls" RPG series that you can choose to play as. Instead of using weapons, Khajit prefer to use their natural claws and have better agility and stealth compared to the other races. Imagine, saving the world as an assassin bipedal tiger.

Katt (left) and Rei from Breath of Fire

If you’re hankering for some old-school classic JPRG goodness, Capcom’s "Breath of Fire" series is a must-play. Both of these tigers were main characters – Katt was one of the lead heroines and possible love interests in "Breath of Fire II", while Rei was the main character’s BFF in "Breath of Fire III" (and could transform into a cool “weretiger”). Oh, and Katt makes a cameo in "Street Fighter V" too!

Bonus "tiger"

Tiger Woods in the PGA Tour games

He’s not a real tiger but certainly a wild cat on the greens . Tiger Woods used to be the star of the old PGA Tour games by EA, and the golf legend is set to make a comeback to the video games realm in a future PGA Tour 2K title.

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