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Love Plants? Follow These Singapore-Based 'Plantfluencers' On Instagram

Thanks to social media, houseplants are becoming more popular than ever, especially among millenials. Whether you're a budding plant parent, a seasoned gardener, or simply a plant lover cursed with a black thumb, here are the accounts to follow for tips, tricks, and botanical eye candy. 

Little Botany

Little Botany began as a hobbyist account to showcase the owner's private plant collection. Today, it's become a network of urban gardeners whose mission is to spread a love for horticulture by making interesting plants affordable. 

Want to visit or check out their catalog? Visit Little Botany's website here

The Dog Ate My Plant

If this begonia corner isn't #houseplantgoals, we don't know what is. We can only wonder how long it takes the owner to water these beauties! 

Marcus On Aroids

If you thought tending to houseplants was an 'uncle' thing - well, think again. Follow Marcus to gawk at his growing collection of aroids!

Stomata Kakis

If you like looking at plants and/or men, then this is the account for you. We especially love their warm and witty captions, which include comparing plant photography with candlelight dinner dates. 

Hoseki Garden

If you're like us and enjoy browing through pictures of plants that you can't afford (the Philodendron erubescens 'White Princes' pictured above cost $588), then check out Hoseki Garden, which offers exotic plant species for sale. 

Find out more here

House of Plants

Follow this Punggol-based greenhouse to see what's available to purchase, or simply to pick up some useful tips about caring for greenery. 

Want a better idea of what's available in the shop? Check out their webstore here

Benny & Lishi's Plant Diary

This young couple, who began their plant journey in October 2018,  has since amassed a sizable collection of philodendrons, alocasias, and monsteras. Follow them for an honest and heartwarming look at the ups and downs of plant parenthood. 

Plant Addicts

This hobbyist stopped counting their plants after 200, so we'd say their account name is justified. Not much by way of captions, but the pictures and varieties of species made our jaws drop.

Pots & Plants SG

Run by "2 plant buddies from Singapore sharing their pots & (mostly) plants in this little space", this account includes adorable cameos from maltipoo Juno. 

Terrascapes LLP 

Located in Choa Chu Kang, this landscape design firm and exotic plant retailer imports rare and unique plants like carnivorous plants, begonias, orchids, and airplants. Check them out to see leaf patterns you didn't even know could exist naturally! 

Find out more here

BZHZ Green Adventures

These two practically live in a jungle, making their #plantstagram a major feast for the eyes.

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