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Can opposites attract? Charlene Su explores this eternal conundrum in her latest single "I Like Red". PHOTO: Instagram/@charlenesu

Spotify Spotlight: I Like Red by Charlene Su

"I'm team Marvel and you're DC," Charlene Su coos on her latest single "I Like Red". In spite of the differences in comic-book loyalties and colour preferences, the singer-songwriter wants you to know that opposites attract when it comes to relationships.

"I Like Red" is an exuberant bop that explores the thrill of new love thanks to its whimsical production and teasing lyrics. With over 10k streams on Spotify since its release, the song has certainly captured the hearts and ears of listeners. 

Sounds like: Ariana Grande sensibilities with a bit of old-school Aaliyah charm thrown in. We're totally digging the chilled out vibes on this track. 

And not only does Charlene's vocal style reference Ariana, the artistic direction seems to pay homage to her as well: High ponytail? Check. Lowercase song titles? Double check.

Charlene's flirtatious yet coy vocal delivery reels you into a state where you start imagining your own modern romance. She describes her music as a "lush, romantic hybrid of R&B, lo-fi and modern pop, executed with jazz sensitivities" - we couldn't agree more.

The stunning songstress has been turning heads since becoming the runner-up of Mediacorp’s reality singing programme “The Final One Season 2” in 2015. That achievement allowed her to build a steady social media following over time.

Charlene's debut single “Home With You” garnered over 100k plays and was featured on Spotify’s playlists, New Music Friday Singapore and Singapore’s Top Acts while her follow-up "Don't Wanna Grow Up" blew up local charts with more than half a million streams.

Don't be surprised if this latest track follows suit. on Spotify

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