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Axel Brizzy is determined to show the world what he is capable of. PHOTO: Axel Brizzy

Spotify Spotlight: RISE by Axel Brizzy

With sheer grit, determination and an epic take-no-prisoners attitude, Singaporean rapper Axel Brizzy drops his latest single "RISE". The 24-year-old artist is no stranger to the pressures of the music industry.

As the youngest rapper in Singapore to top the local iTunes Hip-Hop charts, he has to-date garnered over 2 million streams across all streaming platforms. Dealing with early fame brought about hearsay, unsubstantiated rumours and shenanigans which threatened to distract Axel from his ultimate goal.

Having gone through major challenges over the past few years relating to both his career and personal life, this single is a triumphant return for Axel Brizzy.

Sounds like: Epic orchestration fit for a movie soundtrack, driven by Axel Brizzy's lyrical and technical prowess reminiscent of Logic and Eminem.

The production on "RISE" is partly inspired by the score of popular TV show Game Of Thrones and it's definitely a fitting comparison. We sat down with the rapper who's currently serving the nation with the Music and Drama Company to talk about his latest single.

Tell us about your new single "RISE" and how important the message of the song is to you

My new single “RISE” is huge for me. In terms of showcasing my lyricism and the progression with my vocals and delivery over the years, I personally feel like this track is my best work so far.

The message of the song is real important. It’s something that I’ve been wanting to get off my chest for a minute now and I’m sure some of the listeners would definitely resonate with it. 

You drop a Game Of Thrones reference with the 'White Walker' line, how big of a fan are you of the show and how else did it inspire the music?

I only started watching Game of Thrones in 2019 and I got hooked so quickly, that I finished the whole 8 seasons in like a week or two.

Ever since, I've always wanted to incorporate some GoT references into my lyrics and with the style that producer FreMadeThis  and I went for, it fit perfectly. We even added some elements into the instrumental as an ode to the show, if you know, you know.

As the youngest rapper in Singapore to top the local iTunes Hip-Hop charts, did you always feel pressure to consistently deliver and how have you evolved as an artist since your debut?

When it comes to the pressure, yeah I 100% feel it every time I’m about to release a track, both with or without that title. I’ve came a long way from my debut, from the way I sound, the way I write, the way I carry myself and even the way I deliver my lyrics. It’s been a huge rollercoaster thus far.

So with that, and the way i’m experimenting with my music, doing whatever genre I like, it’s always a risk to take and the pressure will constantly be there but it’s what keeps me from being lazy or nonchalant about every release.

You mentioned that you went through an especially tough year both professionally and personally. What learning lessons did you pick up from this experience? 

Perseverance and patience are definitely the 2 main things that I’ve learnt through the whole experience. Always be hold on, even through the trials and tribulations. Hard times don’t last and with the patience shown along with the hard work, the rewards will come.

What advice would you give someone who was dealing with similar negativity? And how do you think "RISE" can help inspire them?

Keep your eyes on the prize, remember why you’re doing this and what you came here for. Don’t leave until you’ve achieve what you’re here to do. I’ve spoken my truth on “RISE”,  it’s time for them to face it headstrong and liberate themselves. on Spotify

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