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What To Do During This Phase 2 Weekend (11-13 Sept)

As the September school holidays draw to a close, there's still time for you and your kids to enjoy some quality bonding this weekend. Here's what you can look forward to.

1. #Swap4Earth Virtual Eco-Conscious Festival

Check out Sustainable Singapore's #Swap4Earth Festival this weekend to start your zero waste journey towards sustainable living. The festival boasts a wide variety of activities from sustainability talks to green workshops, trivia quizzes, gameshows, performances, an eco-conscious online marketplace and, of course, swap activities where you can trade pre-loved books and clothes with other members of the public.

12 to 13 September 2020
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2. Planet or Plastic?

Teach your kid about the dangers of pollution with Planet or Plastic?, the first exhibition launched at the ArtScience Museum since its post-CB reopening. Shown through the lenses of over 70 photographs and videos captured by National Geographic photographers and explorers, the exhibition aims to raise awareness on the devastating impact that plastic pollution leaves upon the natural world, especially our oceans.

12 September 2020 to 28 March 2021
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3. We Bare Bears: The Movie

Enjoy a family-friendly movie at home with the premiere of We Bare Bears: The Movie. When the eponymous bears Grizz, Ice and Panda are chased from their home by the menacing Agent Trout from the National Wildlife Control, the brothers decide to seek refuge by moving to Canada. Thus marks the start of an epic road trip filled with adventures, dangerous obstacles and perils that will push the bears' family bond to its limits.

Available from 12 September 2020, 11 am
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4. Storytelling Series: Message in the Mooncake

Your kids will enjoy this colourful retelling of a well-known Mid-Autumn Festival legend; namely, the story behind the creation of mooncakes and the role they played in concealing messages between rebels back in the Yuan Dynasty.

12 to 18 September 2020
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