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What To Do This Weekend (17 to 19 Dec) - Stay Safe!

For a full COVID-19 Phase Advisory during this "Stabilisation Phase of Transition to COVID-19 Resilience", click here.

Ready for the weekend? Here's what you can look forward to this week.

1. SkyHelix Sentosa

Take a ride on the newly opened SkyHelix Sentosa, an open-air panoramic gondola ride that gently rotates around its vertical structure as it ascends 35m into the air, giving you a breathtaking view of Sentosa from above. All tickets come with a choice of one standard non-alcoholic beverage or an exclusive SkyHelix Sentosa souvenir.

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2. Don’t Cancer Me Can

Organised by local theatre collective Split Theatre, Don't Cancer Me Can is a physical theatre performance exploring the way we treat aspects of ourselves that we dislike or are disgusted by, and the subsequent journey from conflict to acceptance. Drawing from real-life experiences of the cast members, the performance blends memories, movement sequences and text to weave compelling and thought-provoking stories that will change the way you perceive yourself and the concept of the "ideal you".

18 to 21 December 2021
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3. Behind The Wall

Spread the spirit of kindness this holiday season with Behind the Wall, a 30-minute film that will teach your kids to embrace diversity and inclusivity of people from all walks of life.

Adapted by award-winning playwright Jean Tay and directed by Samantha Scott-Blackhall, Behind The Wall follows a little mouse named Tommy who ventures beyond a mysterious wall in the perfect city of Pura Pura and meets animals that talk and look different like Al the Elephant, a worker from a faraway land.

18 to 31 December 2021
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4. tokidoki x AIA Better Lives Charity Run 2021

Get in shape for the holiday season while supporting a good cause with the tokidoki X AIA Better Lives Charity Run. Themed “Better World, Better You”, the immersive and interactive charity fitness experience run aims to encourage participants to get active and lead a healthy lifestyle. You'll journey through fantastical virtual tokidoki islands, collecting tokidoki character badges and other rewards along the way as you clock various milestones. All proceeds from the charity run will go towards the AIA Better Lives Fund, which helps disadvantaged children, youths and their families to live longer and healthier lives.

17 December 2021 to 31 January 2022
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