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Smelly No More: 5 Ways To Keep Shoes Stink-Free

1. Stuff them with used teabags

After you’ve had your morning cuppa, don’t throw the teabag away, especially if you’ve had black tea. In fact, collect eight of them, dry them out, then stuff four into each stinky shoe and leave them there overnight. The tannins in the tea will kill the odour-causing bacteria. Smelly feet? Try this: soak your feet in tea for 20 minutes. Do it daily if necessary.

2. Stuff them with baking soda sachets

Baking soda seems to be a powerhouse not only in cooking but also in cleaning. It’s an effective deodoriser too. Fill a coffee filter with baking soda, secure it with a rubber band and throw the sachet into your shoe. Leave overnight.

3. Spray them with alcohol and bleach

Fill an empty spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and spray your shoes inside and out. Let them dry, then prepare a mixture of bleach and water, and spray this all over your shoes.

4. Alternate your shoes

Don’t wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. As you can tell, most of the methods to keep shoes stink-free involve keeping them dry. Wearing the same pair of shoes one day after another is a surefire way to awaken the stink monster. We know you want to rock your latest kicks, but it’s best to let them breathe for a day at least.

5. Use odour-control insoles

Designed to absorb perspiration from your feet and keep them dry (thus reducing the growth of odour-producing bacteria), such insoles can be found in pharmacies like Guardian and Watsons and cost about $5 a pair.

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