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6 Best Family Biking Routes With Little Ones

Cycling with the family makes for a great, active day out for everyone and with Singapore’s many parks and park connectors, you’ll never run out of biking routes safe for little ones.

Here are some of the most fun (and safest) family biking routes to get started on:

1. Alexandra Park Connector

For a spot of easy, flat canal-side cycling, the Alexandra Park Connector is a great 1.7km family-friendly route, with many starter cycling paths for little ones. Start off leisurely from Alexandra Canal Linear Park (the park connector linking Commonwealth Ave to Tanglin Road), and then continue all the way to Zion Road. If your little one still has the energy, cycle the full stretch of the canal all the way down to Robertson Quay.

2. East Coast Park

For an easy, seaside cycling route, nothing beats the popular 15km East Coast Park stretch. Stretching along the east coast of Singapore from Changi Airport all the way to Fort Road (you can even cycle as far as Bedok Reservoir if you’re up to it), there are several dedicated bicycle paths for everyone. But remember that while the entire park stretch is very kid friendly, it can get quite busy on the weekends, so it’s best to avoid peak hours when you’ve got little ones with you.

3. Green Corridor

Missing jungle vibes? Singapore's Green Corridor (also known as the Rail Corridor) used to be part of Malaysia's KTM railway line connecting Singapore and Malaysia at the beginning of the 20th century, used for commuting and transporting goods. Even though the railway ceased operations in 2011, parts of the 24km route have been converted into a lush, green walking and cycling trail that runs through the whole island along the north-south axis, from Woodlands in the north to Tanjong Pagar in the south. Note: The route largely follows the path of the old railway line, but there are still some parts over which you may need to lift your bikes from where the park connector path is interrupted.

4. West Coast Park

Unlike the very popular (and busy!) East Coast Park, its sprawling 50-hectare West Coast Park cousin is still a bit of a hidden gem that not many people know about, despite it being home to some of the best flat cycling routes along the waterfront for kids. Like East Coast Park, this park also has bike rental facilities to rent a regular two wheeler, a four wheeler, or even a go-kart. Choose to cycle with your little one along the playing fields of the park (there are eight fields to choose from!!) or cycle leisurely along the waterfront.

5. Punggol Waterway Park

For a short cycling route, the 4.2km cycle route around the Punggol promenade in the north eastern part of Singapore offers well-maintained tracks along the promenade on both sides of the manmade Punggol Waterway, making it a great option for little ones. Pedal up to Rope Bridge or Kelong Bridge for more stunning nature views. The Park is also one of four parks linked by the North Eastern Riverine Loop of the Park Connector Network, so there’s plenty of cycling space for everyone.

6. Changi Airport Connector

Want to cycle your way into Changi Airport with dinosaurs no less? Now you can connect with the 3.5km Changi Airport Connector that links Changi Airport to the other attractions on Singapore’s east coast and the Park Connector Network (PCN) there. The Connector is also home to the city’s largest permanent outdoor display of life-sized dinosaurs Changi Jurassic Mile, so little ones can not only cycle along, but also take cool selfies with the life-sized dinosaurs on display. Catch more than 20 different prehistoric creatures from nine different species, with the tallest dinosaur standing at almost 5m high. Cycling routes don’t get cooler than this! Rent bicycles (including tandem and children’s bicycles) from GoCycling at Hub & Spoke and conveniently return them at any of the seven other GoCycling outlets across the island.

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