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7 Practical Ways To Make The Most Of A Staycation With Kids

Can’t go overseas on holiday this year? No problem. Now is the best time for a fun, family Singapoliday staycation in your own back yard with little kids.

Check out our easy tips on how to make the most of your holiday with toddlers in tow:

1. Scout ahead for the best deal

Make time to shop around for the best deals. Whether you’re planning a staycation in Sentosa or in the city, there are some really amazing deals to be taken advantage of depending on when you’re planning to go. Some offer inclusive F&B packages, some offer free stay for young kids, some offer free nights, while others offer dining credits. All these freebies will make your Singapoliday even cheaper than what you would have normally spent overseas!

2. Ask the kids to help with the planning

Once you’ve made hotel bookings and know where you’re going, plan the holiday out with the kids. Get them involved in what activities or things they would like to do so that they are as excited as possible about the staycation too. Just like mealtimes, kids usually behave better when they feel more involved and know what to expect.

3. Have fun being a tourist

When was the last time you were a tourist at home? Check out the Visit Singapore website to find places or things we usually take for granted. And take advantage of all the free and heavily discounted attractions to visit – most toddlers enjoy free entry.

4. Have a beach day

This one is a no-brainer. If you’re doing a Sentosa staycation, how cool is it to head to the beach after a lazy wake up and breakfast, and to spend the morning or afternoon at the beach, before heading back to your clean hotel room? All you need to do is wash up the kids and head out for dinner. Perfect!

5. Do the things you haven’t had time for

Treat your staycation like a real vacation and do what you would do on holiday overseas. Normal life with school and work stress doesn’t leave much leisure time for anyone, so relax bedtimes and spend some quality bonding time together as a family. Maybe spend the day lounging by the pool; go back to your room for a rare afternoon snuggle with the kids; swap techy gadgets for books and get the whole family doing some fun reading together. And of course, eat yourself silly.

6. Stock up on easy snacks

This never changes whether you’re at home or out and about. Always keep an ample stock of wholesome, healthy snacks close to you so that you can avoid typical toddler tantrums or cranky, hunger meltdowns. Fruits, nuts, wholegrain snacks, biscuits, raisins – all easy to carry and perfect for staving off little hunger pangs.

7. Include ‘me time’ and time with your spouse

Staycations aren’t just for the kids. It’s also the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to recharge and get some rest too. Get the kids enrolled in the kids’ club if your staycation hotel offers one. You know that they kids are safe and occupied for a few hours, giving you some much-needed alone time.

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