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7 Ways Your Life Changes After You Become A Dad

Ask any dad you know and they'll tell you how they transformed into a new man as they enter fatherhood. “It's an entirely different world when there's a baby in the house,” so they say.

Are you going down this road? Here are 7 striking changes that might help prepare first-time dads for that big shift.

1. Your financial priorities take a U-turn

Admit it, we all like to spend money on things that spark joy. For most men, this might include spending on happy hour or upgrading to the latest gadget. But once a baby comes into the picture, you begin to see his needs more so than yours. You don't just spend money but you start saving to provide a comfortable life for your child. Fatherhood makes you more conscious on budgeting (it's a bonus if you already are!) And yes, you start to scout for upgrades on cribs, teether, and milk rather than the newest smartphone on the market.

2. Your perspective changes

Some single men find thrill in taking risks while fathers calculate the risks before making decisions. You now think about the effect of your actions and how it will impact the life of your child. The world may suddenly feel too big a danger zone for your little angel. At the same time, you start to take notice of its beauty and wonders like how a child would see it.


3. Less of you, more of your baby

One of the most obvious changes will take place in your calendar. You'll start plotting schedules for the whole family - for your partner and your kids. There will be lesser ‘me’ time, but in the long run, you will realize that every moment spent with your kids is worth it. You may not have the luxury of time like before, but you'd get to witness priceless moments unfold right in front of your eyes.

4. Sleep becomes a luxury

All first-time dads go through changes in sleep patterns. If you’ve been in control of your sleeping time and habits, now you’re about to lose control of it: you’ll have to be on standby to tend to a crying toddler, feeding sessions, and late-night diaper changes. Putting your baby to sleep may be the hardest chore for a dad, but seeing your baby sleep soundly (because you sacrificed yours) is most rewarding!

5. You feel more emotional

Guys don't easily succumb to emotions, but once the baby arrives, it’s a different story. Little actions from the baby, such as having his fingers hold yours, will suddenly make you emotional - in a good way. You become more sensitive to your child's actions and feelings. So don't be surprised if you find yourself tearing up (out of joy, we hope) once you start your journey with your child.


6. More responsibilities

This is a no-brainer but one that every future dad should be ready for. Depending on the agreement you have with your spouse, you take on new and different responsibilities that always point to one thing: your child's welfare and future. You get a job, you become a handyman around the house, and you begin to make life-changing decisions every day with your partner. Someone will look up to both of you now and all your actions will become someone else's gauge on “how to live life.”

7. New circle of friends

Are you planning the usual boys’ night out? Why not, right? While it’s easy to escape the stresses of work with your Bros before you were married, this time though, you might find yourself surrounded with fellow fathers. You'll find company among men who can relate to you (next to your wife, that is!) as a new Dad. You will learn that this new circle of friends can actually become a support group and hanging out with them is necessary to keep you sane and grounded in your role as a father.

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