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Dad-tastic! We came to know about miniature artist Wilfred Cheah (left) because of his son's Reddit post, and we know about marathoner Ashley Liew's dad, Andrew (far right), from the younger Liew's IG posts. Photos: Facebook/@cheahwilfred and Instagram/@ashleyliewchiro

Nothing Says How Awesome Dad Is Than Posting About It

Every Father's Day, we scramble to think of a thoughtful gesture - maybe organising a nice meal or buying, um, more socks - to celebrate Pops for being the great man he is.

Well, for the peeps in this list, they've certainly hit the mark with their actions. How do we know leh? Cuz of all the positive engagement on their social media lah duh!

Read on, and feel all that love for dad(s)

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1. Keeping it old-school

Talk about an upz father-daughter duo. Not only have Rebecca Wong and her 75-year-old dad, Winston Wong been collecting nostalgic items, but they also have an entire shop to store and sell them.

Their charming enterprise called "By My Old School" is chock-full of thousands of pre-loved items spanning from the 1940s to the 1990s. Encompassing the memories of past generations of Singaporeans, these collectibles can also be rented as props.

Here's an idea for those of y'all who have nothing planned yet: Bring your own dads down to the vintage shop, and let them take a trip down memory lane!

BTW, visits are only by appointment hor; you can contact them via Facebook or Instagram.

Awesome dad fact: Uncle Winston started his career with the Singapore Armed Forces in the late '60s. He was an SAF combat engineer who was part of the pioneer batch of trainees at the School of Field Engineers posted to Pulau Blakang Mati (yes, Sentosa). His training included the construction of bridges and fortifications as well as demolition and mine warfare. He also had a stint in the UK "to train in bomb disposal and Mine Clearance Diving with the Royal Engineers and then, the Royal Navy". Today, he is the in-house heritage consultant for production houses and event companies. He even dishes out decorating advice to homeowners.

Yes, your eyes are not lying to you - that's a miniature cardboard version of a provision shop in Ang Mo Kio, complete with dried goods.Photo: Facebook/@Wilfred Cheah
Ace Cheah's shoutout on Facebook to his dad, proudly stating that: "It’s so detailed that you really won’t be able to tell it’s a miniature!!"Photo: Facebook/@Ace Cheah

2. Shout-out to dad

Local cardboard artist Wilfred Cheah has made more than a few jaw-dropping miniature versions of uniquely Singaporean spots, like this humble and well-loved provision shop in Ang Mo Kio (a tribute to his own father-in-law!) and this version of a house in Kampung Lorong Buangkok.

How did we come to know about the ex-Commando? Well, it's all thanks to Ace Cheah, Wilfred's son, who paid tribute to his dad on Reddit and Facebook - and the rest, as they say, is viral. After all, the "in" thing to do is to give a shout-out to whomever, #amirite?

Awesome dad fact: During his stint with the Singapore Armed Foces, Wilfred was an RSM with 543 SIR and 652 SIR, and a Warrant Officer Class 1 with the Commandos. He's made it to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's Facebook, and was most recently commissioned to create a miniature replica of Nan Chiau High School to commemorate the institution's 75th anniversary.

3. Generational tribute

How coincidental and cool is it that not only your dad, but your newborn son and dog are all Tiger babies! Even cooler: all of them work out together. (No animals - and babies - were harmed in the filming of this video  ) We're talking about chiropractor and national marathoner Dr Ashley Liew, his dad Andrew, and their doggo Tiger, all of whom warm the cockles of our hearts with their aww family-workout posts.

Awesome dad fact: Like Ashley, dad Andrew dons the same yellow singlet, because - in another tiger-related instance - the CPT (Ret) was also from the same 3rd Division, represented by the striped big cat in their logo.

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