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These options from Chomper, Absolute Bites and Westpaw will keep your furkids entertained for hours. Photos: (from left) Instagram/@chomperbrand, @bahru_tan_seijin and @therealbookerdrax

Bite-tastic! Best Chew Toys For Your Teething Puppies

Some pawrents reprimand their furkids for this naughty and destructive behaviour: chewing. But is it really “naughty behaviour”?

Much like human children who lose their baby teeth, dogs also go through this stage of losing their needle-like puppy teeth. Pain and discomfort will kick in when the adult teeth start growing. As a result, they chew on things to help ease the pain.

Coupled with a dog’s natural curiosity for life and endless puppy energy, this chewing behaviour is intensified and will usually last for up to six months or, in some cases, a little longer.

So, instead of screaming at your furkids for raining destruction throughout your home, introduce them to the chew toys here – some of the best around – and keep them entertained (and away from your precious furniture and shoes) for hours!

Made with 100% deer antler, our Absolute Bites Antler series features a chew that is rich in amino acids and collagen...

Posted by Absolute Bites on Sunday, 22 November 2020

Deer antlers from Absolute Bites

They might sound and look scary, but deer antlers fall off naturally from deer to allow their new antlers to grow. In the same way snakes shed their skin, deer shed their antlers once a year. These are collected and used as chew toys and contain no preservatives and no chemicals – they’re simply packaged and put up onto the shelves for purchase.

Deer antlers are at the top of this list because they are cruelty-free (as compared to products like bully sticks which are made from dried bull penises), eco-friendly, and sustainable. They are also extremely tough and durable, and come in different sizes – you have the option of full or half antlers.

Half antlers are flavourful (compared to plastic tasting chews) and are packed with nutrients and calcium. The best part: they’re digestible if it breaks off, so you can rest assured that your little pups will be okay. That being said, always give your furkids toys with supervision.

Posted by Pet Lovers Centre Vietnam on Thursday, 16 July 2020

Posted by Pet Lovers Centre Vietnam on Thursday, 16 July 2020

Stuffing-less toys from Chomper

Many wouldn’t think that stuffed toys make good toys for dogs with strong jaws because their teeth would probably tear out the stuffing in no time. Well, Chomper has come up with a stuffing-less toy that solves the problem of dogs eating the stuffing but still keeping the most exciting part of the toy inside, the squeak.

The product is made from high quality TPR, nylon and rubber that can withstand the jaws of active and energetic dogs. I’ve tried and tested it on own Singapore Special – 5-stars from me!

Do take the time to differentiate these toys from the regular stuffed ones as they look almost the same.

Check out some options here and here.

“Wishlist Wednesday!” Someone sent the Pits pups a new West Paw Chew Toy from Dog Tuff in Mount Dora, FL. Thank you,...

Posted by Pits for Patriots on Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Assorted toys by West Paw

West Paw makes dog toys – such as the Hurley dog bone – that are top rack dishwasher safe, latex-free, non-toxic and FDA-compliant, meaning to say that it is safe to eat even if the material breaks off. Their toys are made of a special Zogoflex material which makes their toys bouncy and floatable.

This is my go-to toy for playing fetch with my furkid at home or at the beach. It is just the right size for dogs to pick up with their mouths. It may be a little small to play tug-of-war with, so I would recommend the Frisbee toy or this S-shaped tug toy instead for an easier grip (and also to make sure our hands don’t get in the way of their sharp teeth).

The puzzle treat toy is great for dogs who get bored easily so they can take some time to figure out how to get more treats out. It is the perfect tool to teach them to work a little harder to get rewarded. Hey, nothing good comes easy in life!

Odin and his Power Chew Dental Dinosaur are a match 65 million years in the making! \ud83e\udd96 Shop now on Chewy to satisfy your pooch's prehistoric urge to chew. \ud83d\udcf7: gsd_ares_odin on Instagram

Posted by Nylabone on Monday, 21 September 2020

Assorted toys from Nylabone

Nylabone has different products for different chewing categories. For example, this dino chew is made for the category “durachew power chew”. The other categories include “teething puppy chew”, “moderate flexi chew”, and “tough strong chew”.

What I love about this product is that it is extremely durable (it lasted throughout my dog’s first and second puppy stages), helps clean your dog’s teeth in a natural motion, is aesthetically pleasing (it’s all white), and your pup can enjoy its chicken flavour.

On a personal note, I usually don’t like to keep chew toys past 6 months because I find that it is not hygienic anymore and would prefer to spend some money on new and clean toys for my girl.

Other great products from Nylabone include this beef jerky chew toy and these combo packs.

Something to chew on…

All these chew toys have worked very well for my dog but they may not necessarily work for yours – still, there’s no harm giving them a try. These toys are so durable, they’re not only great for teething puppies but also good for adult teeth.

Nevertheless, as safe as these chews are, always closely supervise your dogs when they are chewing on these toys. Put them in different areas of your home so that they will always have a chew toy readily available.

Tip: keep a few “special” ones so that if they get extra bored, these “special” toys will do the trick.

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