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Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Furniture For Your New Home

As fun as it can be, however, I’ll admit that furniture-shopping is no walk in the park without a game plan in mind. After all, there’s a fair bit to consider, and the selection process can be time-consuming and exasperating. So if you’re embarking on a similar project, you’ll want to keep the following tips in mind before taking the plunge.

1. Come up with a tentative budget

First things first - how much dough are you planning on coughing up? Little things do add up, and it'll be a prudent move to come up with an estimated budget before heading down to the shops. By doing so, it’ll help you filter through the noise and narrow down on your selection. And if need be, you can always tweak those initial numbers after you have a better idea of your preferences.


2. Note down measurements

This may sound like a no-brainer, but may new homeowners often forget this time-saving step. By having the measurements of your cosy nest on standby, it’ll be easy to decide on the spot if something like a dresser or console will fit into its intended space. And it wouldn’t hurt to bring along your floor plan and a measuring tape too - you’ll be able to note down measurements and have an overall picture of where everything will be placed.

3. Suitability is key

Impulse purchases aren’t uncommon; many homeowners tend to regret them, and end up wasting both time and money. That’s why it’s so important to commit to furniture that’s suitable for your home; they should tick all the boxes in terms of aesthetics, proportions and practicality. Will it match your colour scheme and home decor theme? Whilst an eight-seater table made from a single slab of wood may look impressive, will it be too bulky for your dining area? These are just some pertinent questions to think about.


4. Invest in quality

Whilst you don’t have to splurge on everything, you’ll want to invest in the foundational pieces of your home - especially for furniture that you’ll be using on a daily basis. For example, by choosing well-made beds and sofas, you can be rest assured that they are not going to collapse on you anytime soon. Or if you’re going to place your hefty 55-inch television on a console, you’ll want to make sure it’s made of solid wood or at least sturdy enough to handle the weight. Don’t be seduced by low price tags; you may end up spending more for a replacement.

5. Consolidate before buying

As tempting as it may be, try not to make rash decisions and purchase something immediately. Take note of the details and make a list of everything that you’re considering - inclusive of delivery and miscellaneous charges - so that you’ll be able to take a step back, and have a sense of the bigger picture and overall bill. Snap photos of the furniture designs you’re keen on and see if they complement each other, or if something should be dropped. And if you’re buying multiple items from the same store, try asking for a bundle price - some do offer such promotions for new homeowners, and you may end up with a substantial discount!

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