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Father's Day: Which Cartoon Dad Is Your Own Dad Like?

One is a fish, one is a rat, one is a vamp and one wears a red hat – but you’ll be surprised how these iconic dads may make you think of your own.


Homer Simpson

One of cartoon TV’s most famous father figures, Homer is the original King of Nuah. We’re talking about how he loves watching TV on the couch (sometimes even in his old-school white Y-fronts), with a donut in one hand and a beer in the other. Swop the donut for a curry puff and the Duff for a Guinness Stout and there you have it, your old man. But wait, just like your dad, Homer may look like he heck-care all the time but there’s a loving family man deep inside that food-baby belly. He’s been known to sew costumes for Lisa, save Bart from a well and even give up his dreams so that his kids can realise theirs. Aww. Kind of like how your Ah Pa didn’t buy his iPad so that he could save up to buy yours (and “share” it).


Peter Griffin

Answer the following:

1)    Is your dad always saying un-PC things?
2)    Does your dad act selfishly sometimes?
3)    Is your pet dog smarter than your dad?
4)    Does your dad behave like a 12-year-old on most days?

If you said "yes" to at least two of these, your father is the Family Guy.


Papa Smurf

Maybe those cute toadstool houses that the Smurfs reside in are very conducive for procreation. Maybe it’s Viagra (well, you are what you eat so if Viagra is a little blue pill and the Smurfs are blue…). But Papa Smurf is said to be father to more than 100 Smurfs. And, respect, he is more than 540 years old. Buzz us if your father is five times a centenarian.



He’s brave and wise, and has a majestic voice (or, at least, James Earl Jones does). Plus, he has a kingdom – or business empire – to hand over to you. Lions, we mean, scions, raise your hands now if you relate.


Bob Parr

Lucky You if your dad is just like Mr Incredible – heroic and fitter than your gym trainer. For the rest of us, dad is more like Mr Incredulous: “Hah, you used my credit card to buy game tokens!?!?”, “What? You only got a B+!?!?”, “Why you give me leather belt again for birthday!?!?”.



This is the kind of father who loves you deep deep (and not just in seabed terms), protects you on the largest scale(s) and puts a GPS tracking unit on you.

Photo: Facebook/Popeye Marine Services Co., Ltd.


If you are a millennial or Gen Z-er, Popeye is the reason why you now know there are Khong Guan biscuits and then there are the fried chicken type of biscuits. To the rest of us who grew up on TV cartoons, Popeye is that sailor man whose arm grows bionic biceps when he swigs a can of spinach (our spinach funnily never comes in cans at NTUC leh). Sounds like your macho father? Fun fact: Popeye is the adoptive, not biological, dad to his baby Swee’Pea who was left on his doorstep one fateful day in 1933. And who doesn’t love a man who has both the hardware and heartware?


Professor Utonium

Gentle and caring, takes care of three girls, reminds them to eat their broccoli, and is forever inventing something. Yes, this is the kind of New Age man who produces power (puff) women.



How do you know if your dad is a Splinter type? When he fights for you (like telling the chye png hawker off when she gives you too little gravy) and teaches you how to fight (like telling the chye png hawker that she’s giving you too little gravy). And when he gives you names that your teacher can’t pronounce or that takes you five precious minutes to write on your exam sheet – just because he saw and liked the names on a Tripadvisor review of Italian restaurants. You know, names like Michelangelo, Donatello and Fettuccine.


Count Dracula

Yes, even Dracula can also be a father okay and a good one at that – well, at least the one in Hotel Transylvania. He throws a big party to celebrate his teenage (118 years in vampire terms) daughter’s birthday but later does all he can to stop her from falling in love with, gasp, a hooman. You know how she feels because you are still bitter about how your father didn’t let you date the school rugby captain. Just because your father is a soccer fan.

Photo: Scrooge McDuck Wiki

Quackmore Duck

Quack-who? You may not know his name right away – or even at all – but Quackmore is not a quack in the world of cartoon ducks. He is, drum roll, Donald Duck’s father. Never heard of him or know little about him? Sad but true: that’s how we feel about some of our social-distancing-since-1990, MIA (read: always at work or always watching TV) dads, too.

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