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Mushrooms + Microgreens + MasterChef Singapore Finalist = Mouthwatering Magic

This video was filmed before the outbreak of COVID-19 locally.

In this episode of "Surprise Supplies", Sidney Chua from Citizen Farm - the urban farm that prides itself in offering sustainably grown and pesticide-free produce, and creating jobs for the socially disadvantaged - turns up with a Citizen Box filled with pretty surprises in the most beautiful shades of pink and purple that Nature has to offer. 

Watch how Gen turns it into a veritable "edible Garden City".

A subscription with the Citizen Box comes with two Citizen Farm cooler bags worth $15 each.Photo:

What's in the subscription-based Citizen Box, though? Watch the video above right now or - spoiler alert - here are the details of its contents:

  • leafy greens (hydroponically and aquaponically grown, and include different varieties of kale and lettuce, bok choy, and kai lan)
  • microgreens (Citizen Farm's speciality; these can be used as a garnish or eaten as a salad)
  • native edible plants (such as roselle, sayur manis, moringa, and Okinawan spinach)
  • edible flowers and herbs (everything from Blue Pea flowers and Kaffir lime to lemon grass and laksa leaves)

The Citizen Box is available in two subscriptions: 

  • $35 a week for a 12-week subscription (that's a total of $470.80 with GST) or 
  • $40 a week for an 8-week subscription (that's a total of $363.80 with GST)

Get more details and sign up for one here.

"Surprise Supplies" is also available on's IGTV channel.

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