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How could you bring yourself to cut this into slices?? Photo: Instagram/@susanne.decochiffon

Discovery Of The Week: Baker Susanne Ng And Her Too-Cute-To-Eat Chiffon Cakes

Who: Self-taught baker Susanne Ng holds a PhD in biomedical engineering. The 37-year-old stay-at-home mum is a former researcherwho started baking and decorating cute chiffon cakes because she got bored. And now she has a whopping 77.3k followers on Instagram – and counting!

What: Susanne specialises in chiffon cakes and prides herself as a chiffon artist. However, the website she runs (see below) offers everything from chiffon cakes, cupcakes and macarons to choux pastries, eclairs, cookies and cream puffs – all in the form of the cutest objects and characters. Think your fave characters from Disney, Sanrio, anime series, animation, cartoons and children’s programmes.

Where: You can find her on her website, Loving Creations For You, which she runs with another stay-at-home mum, Phay Shing, who also has a background in engineering research.

When: She’s got a pretty full schedule – believe us we’ve tried ordering! – so give yourself a month at least if you’re looking to make an order and surprise a loved one with one of her creations. Drop her an email or a message on IG and she’ll respond pretty quickly.

Why: If you’re looking for an alternative to cakes that are heavy, “jelak”, and full of sugar and fat, give these chiffon cakes a go. According to the website, “Good chiffon cakes are moist, light, full of flavour and you can't stop at one slice. You won't feel too guilty about having more than a slice as these cakes are lower in calories than, say, pound cakes. Most of the recipes here make use of healthier oil like canola, less sugar from original recipes, and less flour to keep our cakes light and moist. Natural flavours (like tea or orange zest) are used as much as possible to keep the cakes healthy.”

Here's a video of Susanne making two versions of a Hurricane Chiffon Cake:

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