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Discovery Of The Week: Amazing Chambers Singapura


The newest escape room to hit our shores, Amazing Chambers Singapura is unique in that it is the only one of its kind to be based upon Singapore's history and culture. Think Sang Nila Utama, the Naval Battle Of Changi and even Leftenan Adnan. The attraction consists of seven specially curated themes that are not only interactive but features state of the art special effects with over 22 chambers to explore and get lost in.


Opening hours are between 10.30am-10pm on weekdays and 10.30am-12.30am from Friday to Sunday. Yes, you can even book rooms till past midnight! But do make sure to call in before 10pm.


Amazing Chambers Singapura is located at 73 Sultan Gate, right beside the iconic Sultan Mosque and just a stone's throw away from Haji Lane. The attraction takes residence in the historic "Gedung Kuning" which is the Malay translation for "Yellow Mansion".

Founder Hendra Harjuna explains the added cultural significance of the venue, "The mansion once housed the Royal family in the past, including Tengku Mahmud, a grandson of Sultan Hussein and Haji Yusoff, a merchant of Javanese descent. This adds further value to the attraction as we are now showcasing Singapore’s rich culture history where some themes involves royalties of ancient history as well. This common ground ties it in nicely."


For history buffs, escape room thrill seekers and those who love unravelling mysteries, or solving puzzles under pressure. It's a perfect night out for game families, or friends looking for things to do. But be warned, the themed rooms get increasingly difficult and require teamwork and smarts. It may or may not break friendships!


"The western culture has successfully romanticised their local history and folklore," explains Hendra, "but we realised Singapore also has its fair share of local legends, folklore and ancient history like Sang Nila Utama, Badang or Si Tanggang. So what we did was to make learning history fun and exciting by using escape room technology." 

The Wonderwall team can certainly attest to this. Having tried out the Sang Nila Utama-themed rooms, we had a ball of a time rolling around Mission Impossible-style searching for trinkets, figuring out tricky riddles while subsconsciouly learning about his legend. You'll come away with a greater appreciation of these historical figures than any textbook could ever impart. 

For more information on Amazing Chambers Singapura, click here.

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