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Does the food taste as good as it looks at Adventure Cove? Read on to find out. IMAGES: NICHOLAS YONG

Food Hunt At Singapore Theme Parks: Adventure Cove

You know what to expect at our local theme parks, but what about the food there?

Our team of taste explorers take you on a wild ride through Singapore’s awesome theme parks and their culinary offerings. We're on a mission to uncover the unique flavours that make each theme park a gastronomic adventure too.

Today, we dive into Adventure Cove!


One of the coolest places to beat the heat in the Lion City, Adventure Cove is located next to Universal Studios Singapore in Sentosa. Numerous water slides, a colossal wave pool, and the Adventure River (a 620m lazy river where you can just kick back and let the gentle currents carry you for a breezy 20-minute journey)... seriously, what's not to like? You can even say hi to fascinating Cownose Rays along the way.


  • $40 for adults
  • $32 for kids 4-12 years old




From the moment we stepped foot inside, we were on a mission: hit up the Tidal Twister and Pipeline Plunge, two water slides with plenty of twists and turns. Sure, we had to haul a float up a few flights of stairs, but trust us, the adrenaline rush was worth it. At one point, the Pipeline Plunge whipped our float around 180°, hurtling us down the slide backwards. Crazy fun!

Next up was party time at the Bluwater Bay wave pool! Nothing brings out your inner child like bouncing on huge waves as a DJ turns up the bpm.

The real underwater adventure awaited us at Rainbow Reef, where we dove right in and swam with 20,000 tropical fish, including everyone's favourite duo, Nemo and Dory. It felt like snorkelling in a living, breathing aquarium, perfect for kids who crave a close encounter with marine life.

We also challenged each other at Splashworks, a playground for adrenaline junkies. Think: mini "American Ninja Warrior" meets aquatic obstacle course, complete with a nerve-wracking cliff jump, rope swings, and balancing acts over the safety of a deep pool.

And when hunger finally hit us after hours of non-stop fun, we made a beeline for The Bay Restaurant. With a mix of Asian and Western cuisine, it was the perfect spot to refuel and relive the day's epic adventures.


Total cost: $62


The Bay Fish & Chips: $16

Verdict: When you're at a waterpark, it just feels right to order a plate of fish and chips (at least, to us lah). The fish was perfectly crispy on the outside, yet tender and flaky on the inside, as this British classic should always be. And those shoestring fries? Oh-so-sedap! A word of caution: eat this the moment you're seated; once the fish cools down, it gets rubbery (the tragedy of most fried food).


Sweet n’ Sour Grilled Chicken: $15

Verdict: Wah, we did not expect to get such a big portion of grilled chicken thigh. What a nice surprise! The chicken was tender, but we really wanted more of that yummy sweet and sour sauce that coated it. The rice came topped with roasted sesame seeds, which added a nice aroma and flavour boost. The veggies? A little sparse - just a few cut peppers and onions left us wishing for more colour and crunch to round out the dish.


Kids Chicken Meatball Pasta: $15

Verdict: We considered ordering the adults’ serving, but we found out that the smaller kids’ meal came in a cute, complimentary submarine! And it's a good thing we didn't give in to our greed, and picked the smaller portion instead, because this dish, like a submarine, sank. Although the spaghetti itself was surprisingly al dente, the tomato sauce and the chicken meatballs were utterly flavourless. Our disappointment was only alleviated by the sunny submarine container.

Aloo Mutter: $16

Verdict: The vegetarian option featured slow-cooked potatoes and green peas with masala spices, served with steamed rice and crispy papadums. While advertised as spicy, it delivered just the right amount of heat to tantalise our taste buds without overwhelming them. The combination of spices and ingredients left us craving for more. This moreish option is a definite repeat order for future visits to The Bay.

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