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Does the food taste as good as it looks at Bird Paradise? Read on to find out. IMAGES: NICHOLAS YONG

Food Hunt At Singapore Theme Parks: Bird Paradise

You know what to expect at our local theme parks, but what about the food there?

Our team of taste explorers take you on a wild ride through Singapore’s awesome theme parks and their culinary offerings. We're on a mission to uncover the unique flavours that make each theme park a gastronomic adventure too.

Today, we, ahem, fly to Bird Paradise! 🦅🦉🦜🦩🦢



Asia’s largest bird park, Bird Paradise, spread its wings and officially opened to the public in November last year, six months after its soft opening. Spanning a sprawling 17 hectares, this avian haven is a bustling home to over 3,500 birds representing 400 species, almost a quarter of which are under threat.


  • $49 for adults
  • $34 for kids
  • $20 for seniors who are Singapore residents aged 60 and above
  • You can also visit all 4 Mandai Wildlife Reserve parks for a discounted $110 for adults and $80 for kids



Before we embarked on our avian adventure, our eyes were drawn to Bird Bakery, nestled conveniently near the park's entrance. We were drooling at the display of freshly baked pastries and delectable sandwiches. We quickly choped a seat.

Total cost: $30


Signature Swan Cream Puff: $9.90

Verdict: As charming as it looks! One of the most impressive food presentations we’ve seen on our theme-park food-hunt. The cream puff was as light and airy as a swan's feather, and filled to the brim with cream. Of course, we had to dip the pastry into the "river" of berries and granola.


Egg & Gochujang Pulled Chicken Sandwich: $13.90

Verdict: This sandwich is the real deal. The combination of savoury pulled chicken and the spicy kick from the gochujang sauce made for a fiery explosion of flavours in every bite. The sandwich was crammed with plenty of meat and eggs, so, as expected, things got deliciously messy. A definite winner for anyone looking for a satisfying brunch option.


Chicken Bak Kwa Bird Brioche: $6.20

Verdict: Can you see how the savoury bak kwa forms the cute birdie’s tail? The sweetness of the bak kwa paired beautifully with the soft bread, elevated by the creamy mayo and fragrant sesame seeds inside.




Strolling through Bird Paradise is an amazing experience unlike any other. With birds freely flying about as we explored the park, each area was seamlessly connected as we were transported to different corners of the globe – from the vast savannahs of Africa to the lush jungles of Bali, and the rugged terrain of Papua New Guinea to the untamed wilderness of the Australian Outback. We got up close to and made so many new feathered friends.

As lunchtime approached, we made our way to Crimson restaurant, which offered us a breath-taking view of the Crimson Wetlands and calming waterfall, as Scarlet Macaws soared overhead.

We opted for the two-course lunch. There were two choices available for starters and mains. So, we did what any hungry Singaporean would do - we ordered both sets!

Total cost: $134


Salad Smoked Chicken: $12

Verdict: Mix this combo of tender chicken, sweet pumpkin, juicy orange, and crunchy edamame well before you dig in. The addition of chicken slices imparted a delightfully smoky taste to the crisp salad greens, while the tangy dressing brought all the elements together. Very fresh - a good starter!


Singapore Seafood Chowder: $12

Verdict: But if we had to pick between the two starters, we preferred this one. Creamy, rich, and packed with seafood-y goodness, every spoonful of this tangy, velvety, and slightly spicy chowder was chock-full of tender prawns and clams. This chowder is a guaranteed hit for seafood lovers like us.


King Prawns Laksa: $16

Verdict: Now this is bowl of laksa fit for royalty! The succulent prawns within the fragrant coconut broth were a match made in culinary heaven, filled with tau pok, fish balls, and quail eggs. This truly atas bowl was the perfect balance of spiciness and creaminess – ngl we’re still thinking about it today. Our friendly waiter asked if we wanted some extra sambal to ramp up the spice level. Of course we did not object!


Seared Duck Breast: $16

Verdict: The duck breast was cooked well, though we found the mashed beetroot sauce a bit too salty. The skin could have been crispier. We preferred the duck with the chimichurri sauce instead. The herby, zesty flavour of this sauce paired more harmoniously with the tender duck meat. But if we had to pick a main, our vote goes to the laksa.


Smoked Oak Mango Jasmine Tea and Lychee Mojito: $19 each

Verdict: We decided to cool off with a couple of cocktails to beat the heat. The first drink blended the sweet, tropical taste of mango with the delicate, aromatic notes of jasmine. The second one, the restaurant’s take on the classic mojito, was mildly fragrant. Both drinks can be a tad sweet, so ask the waiter to go easy on the sugar.




We were thrilled to be just in time to catch the Predators on Wings show, which put the spotlight on the aerial prowess of the White Bellied Sea Eagle, Brahminy Kite, Cinereous Vulture, and the majestic Malay Fish Owl. It was super exciting to be mere inches away from the owl.

However, our absolute favourite part of Bird Paradise had to be Penguin Cove – a sprawling sub-Antarctic sanctuary for these fascinating flightless birds. The sight of countless Penguin species (Gentoo, Humboldt, Northern Rockhopper, and the iconic King Penguins) frolicking in cold comfort left us in awe.

Before bidding adieu to our feathery friends, we stopped by a charming kiosk that offered penguin-themed snacks. It was the perfect way to wrap up our unforgettable food hunt at Bird Paradise.

Clockwise from top: Penguin Cappuccino, Penguin Fruity Scone, and Penguin Red Bean Pau. | IMAGE: NICHOLAS YONG

Total cost: $16.30

Penguin Fruity Scone: $5.50

Verdict: Served alongside a dollop of luscious cream and strawberry jam, the freshly baked scone was perfectly crumbly, rich, and buttery.

Penguin Red Bean Pau: $3.90

Verdict: You might have read our review of the panda pau from Singapore Zoo and River Wonders. Well, the Penguin Red Bean Pau here offered the same indulgent filling of sweet, nutty red bean paste that we loved. What sets this treat apart is the adorbs penguin-shaped exterior - just too cute!

Penguin Cappuccino: $6.90

Verdict: We got exactly what we ordered: a rich cappuccino paired with creamy foam. This was such a good pick-me-up after a long walk around Bird Paradise. These were the moments we wished we could fly instead lol.

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