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Does the food taste as good as it looks at Singapore Zoo? Read on to find out. IMAGES: NICHOLAS YONG

Food Hunt At Singapore Theme Parks: Singapore Zoo

You know what to expect at our local theme parks, but what about the food?

Our team of taste explorers take you on a wild ride through Singapore’s awesome theme parks and their culinary offerings. We're on a mission to uncover the unique flavours that make each theme park a gastronomic adventure too.

Today, we head to Singapore Zoo!




The 26-hectare award-winning Singapore Zoo cares for more than 4,200 animals of over 300 species, of which 34% are threatened.


  • $43.20 for Singapore residents ($48 for non-residents)
  • $29.70 for kids who are Singapore residents aged 3-12 ($33 for non-residents)
  • $20 for seniors who are Singapore residents aged 60 and above
  • You can also visit all 4 Mandai Wildlife Reserve parks for a discounted $188 for adults and $90 for kids



Following a morning spent in the company of majestic pachyderms and playful baboons, we headed over to Ah Meng Restaurant, eager to indulge in a feast fit for our adventurous appetites. Funny story: as we savoured our meal, a surprise visitor in the form of a curious peacock made its rounds at every table, probably hoping to get a bite too.

Total cost: $55.60


Mala Salmon with Noodle: $17.90

Verdict: Prep your taste buds for a rollercoaster ride of flavour. You get the super spicy mala taste, mixed with a slightly unusual sweetness. We’re not exactly sure what it was, but the sweet taste wasn’t really to our liking. The dish came with lots of veggies. The salmon pieces were tender, but we wished we had been given a more generous portion, especially considering the price of the dish.


Plant-based Mutton Briyani: $13.90

Verdict: This dish really impressed us with its aromatic curry and fragrant rice. Surpassing our expectations, the flavours were robust and satisfying, offering a great choice for those looking for a meat-free alternative. We wish the restaurant served prata – that would have been the perfect item to mix into the curry. Our only complaint: the papadum was too soft; perhaps it had been left out for too long.


Kampung Mandai Chicken Rice: $13.90

Verdict: We had high hopes for this dish, especially as it was kampung chicken! Sadly, we were slightly underwhelmed by the flavour profile. The chicken tasted a bit bland, leaving the dish somewhat lacklustre. The vegetables were quite huge, admittedly. Every order includes an egg and tofu, but we don’t think they added much to the dish. What's that green sauce next to the meat? It's ginger.


Tropical Paradise Smoothie: $9.90

Verdict: We quenched our thirst with the Tropical Paradise Smoothie, a mix of pineapple, lemon, orange, and watermelon. This was pre-made, and taken straight from the fridge. While the flavours were pleasant, a touch more yogurt would have elevated this smoothie to perfection. We left regretting that we hadn't ordered another ice-cold fresh coconut instead.



Just outside Ah Meng Restaurant stands Ah Meng Bistro, a charming little kiosk brimming with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, sandwiches, and comforting soups. We couldn't resist trying the Mushroom Soup in Sourdough Bread, one of six choices of soups offered in a hearty bread bowl.

Total cost: $12.90

Verdict: The concept of soup nestled within a bread bowl was both comforting and inviting, especially after a cold, rainy morning. This was a textbook creamy soup with small, tender bites of mushroom. We could easily imagine kids having fun digging into the soft bread while slurping the piping hot soup.


We managed to explore every inch of the Singapore Zoo in roughly four hours plus, and that included encounters reptiles, big cats, and adorable hippos. Conveniently located just outside the zoo's entrance are a number of inviting food stalls, and since we were feeling peckish (again), we thought it was time for a well-deserved dessert break before we headed off.

Total cost: $19


Cuddly Chocolate Custard Panda: $3.50

Verdict: This adorable bao reminds us of Kai Kai and Jia Jia, the giant pandas at River Wonders. This was better than we expected, with a fluffy exterior and luscious chocolate filling that was not too sweet or overwhelming. If we weren’t already stuffed with food, we would have bagged another bao or two.


Durian Cendol: $4.50

Verdict: You can order this sweet treat from Inuka Café. While the generous dollop of durian was appreciated, the sweetness of the dessert was a little overpowering. But if you have a sweet tooth, you’re in luck – you’ll appreciate this saccharine combination of chewy cendol, red beans, gula melaka and the slight bitterness of durian all in one mouthful.

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