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Image: Instagram/@bakersbrewstudio

As If 2021 Couldn't Get Any Weirder, Coriander Cake Is Now Available In Singapore

Believe it or not, this isn't Photoshopped. Nor is it a prank. Local baking studio, Baker's Brew, has created Singapore's first coriander cake. 


The cake comes in three varieties: The O.G. Coriander Cake, the Dedication Cake, and as a set of six Coriander Cupcakes. 

We know what you're thinking: who the heck would order these? Maybe someone pranking their worst enemy or exacting revenge on an evil ex. Maybe someone adventurous, or someone who just REALLY likes coriander. 

But whatever your motive, you'd better act fast, because Baker's Brew has made only 50 of these items available, from now until 30th September. (Ordering is available via Whatsapp, where you can also inquire about prices.)

Reactions on Instagram, where Baker's Brew unveiled the cake last night (22 September), have been mixed, ranging from vomit emojis, to heart eyes, to declarations like "what monstrosity is this". 

Thankfully, the folks behind Baker's Brew seem delighted by everyone's er, enthusiasm. 

And anyway, as weird as they sound, coriander and cilantro desserts are nothing new here in Asia. 

Peanut ice cream wraps with cilantro are a standard item in Taiwan's night markets. You can even get them at Abundance, a Taiwanese cafe that opened in Redhill a few months ago - provided that they're still on the menu, since I heard from the staff when I visited awhile back that the item isn't doing so well here 

Speaking of ....

This exists. But in Macau, not Singapore. Let's see if there are any entrepreneurs daring enough to bring this to our shores.

....Especially since it has reached our neighbours across the straits. 

Well, if nasi lemak ice cream is possible here, then we suppose it's only a matter of time before coriander becomes a staple in our dessert shops. 

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