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Need A CB Treat? Food Deliveries For Any Occasion

While most of us have probably gotten used to eating instant noodles every day, special occasions call for something a bit fancier. If you're craving something more atas for a change, check out these delectable food delivery options and tuck in.


1. Violet Oon

What type of food? Flavourful Peranakan delights like ayam buah keluak and babi pong tay.

Who are they? Helmed by Singapore culinary icon Violet Oon, this restaurant group has received numerous accolades, with the Pork Satay at Violet Oon Satay Bar & Grill being named one of the 3 best dishes of 2017 by The Sunday Times and the Daging Panggang Sambal Hijau at the same outlet being named one of the 8 best steaks of Singapore by respected food critic Wong Ah Yoke.

How much ah?

- Buah Keluak Ayam: $25

- Garam Assam Fish: $24

- Nasi Goreng Nyonya with Hae Bee and Prawns: $23

How to order? Visit their website here

2. Paradise Teochew

What type of food? Decadent Teochew dishes such as Teochew Style Chilled Yellow Roe Crab and Stewed Ee-fu Noodles with King Prawn.

Who are they? Known for its authentic Teochew cuisine and sumptuous dim sum dishes, Paradise Teowchew is a restaurant under the Paradise Group brand of restaurants.

How much ah?

- Steamed Prawn Dumpling 'Ha Kao' (4pcs): $7.20

- Braised Deluxe Fish Maw with Goose Webs in Brown Sauce: $36

- Sautéed Scallops with Lily Bulbs and Asparagus in XO Sauce: $52

How to order? Visit their website here

3. Kotuwa

What type of food? Kotuwa's menu showcases the best of Sri Lankan cuisine and the rich diversity it encompasses, from Sri Lankan Tamil food to Sinhalese food, Malay food and even Sri Lankan burgher food (cuisine from a Sri Lankan community descended from the Dutch and Portugese).

Who are they? While Kotuwa itself is new to the food scene, having just opened this past month, the restaurant is the brainchild of Rishi Naleendra, the award-winning chef behind Cloudstreet and the Michelin-starred Cheek Bistro.

How much ah?

- Polos Kottu (Chopped rotti prata mixed with baby jackfruit and vegetables): $18

- Watakka Kalu Pol (Butternut squash cooked in blackened coconut gravy): $16

- Poricha Erachi (Fried beef cheek with sweet tamarind, chilli and lime): $24

How to order? Vist their website here


1. Odette

What type of food? French fine dining, featuring a carefully curated selection of elegant dishes like Milk-fed Axuria Lamb and Burgaud Duck 'Apicus'.

Who are they? Helmed by award-winning Chef Julien Royer, Odette is a three-Michelin-starred restaurant that has garnered numerous accolades and was even ranked No. 1 on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants two years in a row.

How much ah?

- 1/2 Blue Lobster & Kinki Bouillabaisse: $98 (Serves 1)

- Whole Roasted Poularde de Bresse: $198 (Serves 2-4)

- Bresse Poularde au vin Jaune: $128 (Serves 2)

How to order? Visit their website here

2. Garibaldi

What type of food? Traditional Italian cuisine like authentic pasta, cheese selections and caviar.

Who are they? This old-school Italian Restaurant & Bar was awarded One Michelin Star in 2017, and is well known for its Ossobuco (braised veal shank), cotoletta alla Milanese (veal cutlet coated in breadcrumbs) and tiramisu.

How much ah?

- Gnocchi di Spinaci al Gorgonzola con Noci e Balsamico (Spinach & Potato Dumplings with Blue Cheese Sauce, Walnuts & Balsamic): $27.39

- Ossobucco alla "Garibaldi" (Garibaldi Signature Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek with Bone Marrow & Mashed Potatoes): $49.65

- Fettuccine con Guancia di Manzo Wagyu e Porcini (Fettuccine with Wagyu Beef Cheek & Porcini Mushrooms. Truffle Scented): $41.09

How to order? Visit their website here

3. PS. Cafe

What type of food? Fusion cafe-fare such as spicy king prawn aglio olio and spaghetti crab mee goreng.

Who are they? A cafe chain that's well-loved by the brunch crowd, PS. Cafe is best known for its signature truffle shoestring fries. Served in a whopping mountain of truffle oil-infused fries with a generous heap of grated parmesan on top, it's no surprise that this cafe is the go-to spot for truffle fries lovers.

How much ah?

- PS Truffle Shoestring Fries: $17.67

- Sticky BBQ Ribs: $39.07

- Chicken Parmigiano: $31.58

How to order? Visit their website here

4. Bar Cicheti

What type of food? Simple yet tasty handmade Italian pasta and plenty of wine. You can also get fresh DIY pasta kits to prepare on your own.

Who are they? This bar concept under The Cicheti Group bypasses the traditional offerings of Italian dining with a curated menu of handmade pastas and well-paired wines.

How much ah?

- Orecchiette all'amatriciana (Sun-dried tomato dough, guanciale, datterini, passata, parmigiano): $30

- Agnolotti (Ten-hour braised grass-fed beef cheek, fondo bruno, parmigiano): $31

- Pappardelle Pasta Kit: $21

How to order? Visit their website here


1. Burnt Ends

What type of food? Australian-style barbecue dishes like steaks, burgers and crab legs.

Who are they? Burnt Ends is a modern barbecue restaurant which uses wood-fired ovens to prepare roasts with smoky, intense flavours. The restaurant was awarded One Michelin Star in 2018 and snagged the No. 10 spot on Asia's 50 Best Restaurants in 2019.

How much ah?

- Steak Fritez (Bite size Wagyu steak tartare on a smoked beef fat potato cake served with caviar): $37.45

- 2 Legs King Crab and Garlic Brown Butter: $101.65

- 200g Beef Tenderloin (Served with Burnt Onion Puree, Bone marrow sauce on the side and watercress salad): $53.50

How to order? Visit their website here

2. Butcher Boy

What type of food? Asian fusion dining featuring dishes like Szechuan brussel sprouts and Edamame hummus, as well as baos and roasts. You can also order Build A Bao kits and have fun assembling your own baos.

Who are they? This Asian-inspired bar and grill is a sister restaurant to fine dining restaurant Cure.

How much ah?

- Duck Katsu Sando, Tonkatsu, Yuzu Sando: $16

- Edamame Hummus, Tomato, Burrata: $14

- Build A Bao (Choice of Buttermilk Chicken Bao or Pork Katsu Croquette; contains baos, cucumber pickles and a bottle of your sauce of choice): $48 for 1/2 dozen

How to order? Visit their website here

3. Junior The Pocket Bar

What type of food? Bottled Agave cocktails and DIY taco kits.

Who are they? This eclectic pocket-sized bar (seating only 10 people at a time) has a rotational concept that changes every six months, ensuring that no two visits will be the same.

How much ah?

Note: Menu items and prices correct as of publishing time.

- Hurricane (House Rum Blend, Passionfruit, Orange, Lime, Grenadine): $128

- Mr. Matassa (Alipus Mezcal, Campari, NOLA Coffee Liqueur, Mancino Rosso Vermouth): $148

- DIY Taco Night kit: $38 for 6-pack

How to order? Call or message 8121 1462 to place an order. Latest menu can be found here or here

4. Barbary Coast

What type of food? From fancy dishes like cheese boards to simple comfort foods like nachos platters rich with toppings, Barbary Coast's menu has something for everyone.

Who are they? Newly opened this January, this dual-concept bar inspired by the Californian Gold Rush is helmed by bartending industry veterans Michael Callahan and Celia Schoonraad.

How much ah?

- Charcuterie and Cheese Board: $48

- Deadfall Nachos: $12

- Jalapeño Poppers: $9

How to order? Visit their website here


1. Jumbo Seafood

What type of food? All manner of seafood, from prawns to lobsters, scallops and, of course, everyone's favourite chilli crab. You can also get seafood bento boxes for a bit of everything.

Who are they? Singapore's favourite go-to place for chilli crab.

How much ah?

- Mud Crab (600g): $62.05

- Deshelled Prawns fried with Golden Salted Egg: $21.40

- Bento box sets: $10.80-$12.80

How to order? Visit their website here. Menu available here

2. Rumah Makan Minang

What type of food? Indonesian Minangbakabau cuisine like nasi padang and beef rendang.

Who are they? Opening its doors in 1954, this multi-generational restaurant is part of the Singapore Tourism Board's Heritage Trail. An undeniably delicious treasure.

How much ah?

- Beef Rendang: $7.50

- Sotong Masak Hitam: $7.50

- Indonesian Tahu Telur: $6.50

How to order? Visit their website here

3. Open Farm Community

What type of food? Healthy yet delicious dishes which incorporate locally-grown herbs, vegetables and edible flowers, suitable for both vegetarians and carnivores. Open Farm Community has also launched an initiative called OFC Provisions which offers home cooking kits like DIY pasta kits, pickled produce and fresh herb boxes.

Who are they? Established in 2015, Open Farm Community is a farm-to-table concept that promotes urban farming and sustainability.

How much ah?

- Whole Grilled Spatchcock Chicken: $38.60

- DIY Kin Yan Organic Mushroom Tortellini kit: $34.30 (Serves 2)

- Garden Herbs Box: $8

How to order? Visit their website here

4. FOC Group

What type of food? Tasty Mediterranean brunch including tapas selections, paella and churros.

Who are they? Inspired by the vibrant culture and cuisine of Barcelona, FOC Group has three restaurants under the leadership of Michelin Star Chef Nandu Jubany.

How much ah?

- 'Iberico' Cold Cuts Platter: $30

- Black Mediterranean Squid Ink Creamy Rice: $30

- FOC Churros (8 pcs): $12

How to order? Visit their website here. Menu available here

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