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The 3 Most Fattening Sushi

When you think fat food, chances are you won’t be thinking about sushi. After all, how fattening can vinegar-ed rice rolled up in seaweed be, compared to something like deep fried chicken or lasagna?

The danger lies in how much sushi you eat. Most of us generally never stop at one piece and will usually eat the entire roll which is sliced into six to eight pieces. If you put them back together, that’s actually one entire bowl of rice. And if you order two different rolls (and a basket of seafood tempura, a chawanmushi, a custard pudding et al), it will come up to one hefty meal.

Things get even worse when you choose the “wrong” sushi. Here are the three most fattening ones that you can pick.

1. Ebi tempura roll

This will easily take more than 500 calories out of your daily requirement. It’s easy to see how: the shrimps are breaded and deep-fried, and then you eat them with rice. Lots of carbs and fat there.

2. Eel avocado roll

Eel is a fatty fish and avocado is a fatty fruit. Put the two together and you have a winning sushi combination, and also nearly 400 calories.

3. Rainbow roll

This highly Instagramable dish packs in all the ingredients, from tuna and salmon to prawns and avocado – hence its name. But this means that you’re also getting calories and fat from each and every one of these. The total score? About 480 calories.

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