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Shangri-La Singapore, which used to allow us to picnic on their garden grounds (left), now offers an in-room picnic package, while The Plattering Co offers gorgeous grazing trays and bento boxes. Photos: Facebook/@ShangriLaSingapore and Instagram/@theplatteringco

Where To Buy Picnic Food In Singapore - So That You Don’t Have To Prep Any

In case you haven’t noticed (or you are just the sort who doesn’t head out beyond your void deck), everyone else seems to be picnicking a lot these days in Singapore – despite our weather conditions which can be as unpredictable as your manager’s mood.

Because open air feels safer mah. But gone are the days when people would pack their own picnic baskets with homemade egg-and-cheese sandwiches, tumblers of barley water and excess chilli sauce packets nicked from McDonald’s.

True picnickers now let others do the hard work while they simply order picnic baskets (or trays or boxes) filled with yummy goodies and then decide: “Today go Botanic Gardens or East Coast Park?”

When you are very hipster so you order a buzz-ket and not a basket

If you want to lounge around on the manicured lawns of the Singapore Botanic Gardens – eh, don’t forget it’s our very own UNESCO World Heritage Site! – but are too lazy or busy to BYOB (that’s Bring Your Own Basket), book the entire works from Bee’s Knees at The Garage which is conveniently located within the gardens itself.

But don’t ask for a picnic basket. Theirs is called a picnic buzz-ket, okay? What you will get: Instagrammable munchies like sandwiches and beverages for two or four to five picnic-goers, a picnic mat, a foldable table, cushions and even a battery-operated candle light.

Here’s the caveat: you have to reserve these three days in advance and you must return the non-edible stuff to the restaurant on the same day as your collection date. Yes, you don’t get to keep the cushions and table, sorry.

When you want to picnic with Fann Wong’s choice of caterer

In pre-COVID days, The Plattering Co. was known for artisanal buffet spreads for those who didn’t want to equate “catering” with clinical-looking, self-heating metal trays heaped with fried fishballs, yellowed kang kong and economical bee hoon. Case in point: Fann Wong went to them for her son’s six-year-old birthday two years ago.

These days, The Plattering Co. has pivoted to become the go-to for smaller grazing trays and bento boxes, all which make perfect picnic takeaways.

They also have a dedicated Mini Picnic Box which includes atas items like almond biscotti, salted caramel popcorn and quinoa chips so that you can stand out from the Old Chang Kee-fed picnic crowd at East Coast Park.

When you want a vegan picnic

While the birds around you pick away at the grass blades, you can do the same – but in a classier, more hooman way with Lush Platters vegan picnic boxes.

Graze away on plant- or nut-based cheese, sweet peppers, roasted nuts, chocolate, olives and even edible flowers (for the Mother Nature feels).

You can also choose to have these packed in paper boxes or – if you are feeling strong and like carting things around public gardens – more rustic and photogenic wooden crates.

Due to COVID-19, you might not be able to picnic on Shangri-La Singapore's garden grounds now, but you can certainly enjoy it in your room.Photo: Facebook/@ShangriLaSingapore

When you want to picnic… in a nice, air-conditioned hotel room

Shangri-La Singapore truly knows you (and your sweaty pores) best. Its Picnic Family Playcation is perfect for a family of two adults and two children. One of the highlights is the picnic basket which includes food, drinks and a picnic mat. However, while, once upon a time ago, you could enjoy your picnic in the hotel’s garden grounds, you can now do so only in your hotel room, thanks to the COVID-19 situation.

The hotel also offers à la carte takeaway picnic baskets. For instance, its Valentine’s Day baskets even come with chi-chi items like Duck Rillettes and lobster sliders for hard-to-impress dates.

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