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5 Things To Know About Vitamin Supplements

1. Should I take them before or after meals?

It really depends on the type of vitamin. Some, including vitamin C, can cause stomach irritation or gastric problems when taken on an empty stomach. Others, such as vitamins A, D, E and K, are fat-soluble and are best taken after a meal that has some form of fat.

2. Can the type of meals I have interfere with vitamin absorption?

In some cases, yes. For instance, calcium does not work well with iron, which means you should never pop a calcium pill right after an iron-rich meal (think a spinach salad or a pig liver soup). Also, if you are on antibiotics, stay away from zinc supplements as the two are believed to cancel out each other’s benefits.

3. Is it okay if I wash down my vitamins with soda or coffee?

Any drink with caffeine in it – that would include coffee, tea and certain soft drinks like colas – can prevent your body from absorbing the vitamins that you consume.

4. Which vitamins help me to sleep better?

Some scientists believe that healthy levels of vitamin B-12 or vitamin D can encourage better sleep at night.

5. Can vitamins fight jetlag?

Frequent travellers swear by vitamin C. Pop one before a flight as it can help to strengthen your immune system, and in turn reduce the chances of post-flight fatigue and restlessness.

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