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No Gym Required: A Non-Exerciser's Guide to Getting Sporty

Let’s face it: While exercise is good for your health, most of us simply aren’t motivated enough to work out. If you’re looking for a way to make exercise more palatable, why not try these sports? You’ll still have to move around, but at least you’ll be having some fun in the process.


1. Bowling

If you don’t want to move your legs too much, try a round of bowling. Swinging a heavy ball at a bunch of pins is pretty cathartic for stress–relief, and you only have to walk back and forth from the lane: In an air–conditioned room, no less! Slip on a pair of goofy bowling shoes, and prepare to give your arms a real workout.


2. Rock climbing

There’s something immensely satisfying about reaching the top of a climbing wall. Aside from exercising your arms and legs, rock climbing has elements of puzzle solving too: Figuring out which of the colourful handholds to put your hands and feet on is a challenge in itself! The best thing is, you can do it indoors, with air–conditioning to keep you cool as you ascend. Check out these Singapore malls where you can level up your bouldering and rock-climbing skills.


3. Trampolining

Remember the days when you used to get into trouble for jumping on your bed? Channel your inner child and visit a trampoline park for a marathon bouncing session! Jumping up and down is fun enough by itself, but if that’s too mundane for you, trampoline parks often have a variety of trampoline–related activities for you to partake in as well. Dodgeball on a trampoline, anyone?


4. Mini Golf

It may not be as hardcore as regular golf, but playing mini golf is a mini step towards burning some calories as you walk around the golf course swinging a metal club. The real fun comes from the wacky course designs, which often feature unique themes such as pop culture or local landmarks, and even have moving parts that activate when you sink a hole! Mini golf is simple enough for even kids to play, so you can enjoy some family bonding while you exercise.


5. Parkour

If you’re a rebel at heart, this one’s for you! Vault over railings and climb short walls as you improve your agility and sense of balance while learning to think on your feet. Sounds too hardcore for you? Parkour was in the spotlight not long ago as a sport gaining popularity among seniors and retirees. If they can do it, you certainly have no excuse! Warning: Don’t try risky parkour stunts on your own unless you feel like having a chat with the police. Find a parkour class or group first, and start with the basics.


6. Paintball

They say misery loves company, and the same goes for exercising as well. Grab some friends and play a round of paintball, where it’s every man for himself. Between running from paintgun–wielding maniacs and ducking behind cover to dodge their shots, you’ll be too busy staying alive to complain about the workout you’re getting!


Bonus: Fun runs!

I know what you’re thinking: Why would someone who hates exercise want to run? But fun runs offer a zany twist on traditional marathons. From zombie runs where shambling undead chase you (good training for the apocalypse!) to colour runs which drench you in neon paint (wear something white for maximum Instagram value), these quirky gimmicks make running less of a chore.

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