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10 Fun, Easy, Almost-Nua Singapore Ways To Burn Calories Without Trying Too Hard

1. Climb the stairs in your HDB block

To be honest, we do the eye roll whenever someone suggests climbing the stairs to get back to your work desk after lunch. You already smell of hawker centre grease and now you want to head into the post-lunch brainstorm smelling of both hawker centre grease and also stale perspiration? Leave the backbreaking work for when you get home. Simply walk up seven flights of stairs in 10 minutes and you will shave off 83 calories – or that one hard-boiled egg – you had for breakfast. And you get to have a nice cold shower when you reach home too.

2. Climb the stairs in your HDB block and also carry something

Like your Taobao parcel. Doing this and climbing up the same seven flights of stairs will make you burn 100 calories. That’s about 20 more than what you would burn if you didn’t carry something on your way up. Talk about ROI!

3. Read a book or the news for 60 minutes

When the brain is willing, the body is also willing to drop 100 calories. So, feeling hungry after revising for your exams or drafting a work document isn’t an urban legend after all.

4. Shake a leg

Fidgeting is said to help you lose 100 to 150 calories an hour. That would mean 60 minutes of leg shaking, shoulder nudging and foot tapping.

5. Use the basket and not the trolley at NTUC

Browse the aisles for 30 minutes with a full basket in your hand and you can get rid of 100 calories. The bonus: no need to fish around for that elusive $1 coin in your bottomless bag too.

6. Prepare a meal at home

Overachievers start losing the calories even before they have a meal. How to do this? Dice carrots, chop garlic, slice meat and wash greens for 75 minutes – and stand up while doing all this – and you will burn 100 calories.

7. Brisk walk from Tanglin Mall to Plaza Singapura

Skip the MRT and you’ll cover about 2.2km, which also means you would have walked off anything from 80 to 100 calories. If you want to lose even more calories, take a longer walk by venturing into all the malls and using the underground passes.

8. Give up your seat on the MRT or bus

If you prefer to commute than brisk walk, don’t sit during your journey. Standing for two hours helps to slice off a little over 100 calories. And who do you thank for this? The peak hour crowds and kiasu aunties who snatch vacant seats in Olympic-record time. Alternatively, run your post office or bank errands on a Monday morning or Saturday afternoon – you’ll be standing and queuing for an hour or more, we promise.

9. Wash your car

And if you have your own mode of transport, don’t send it through the car wash or get your helper to clean it. Having the drive to wash your car for an hour can take off about 140 calories.

10. Have a nap

Yes, sounds like a dream way to slim down? Every hour you spend sleeping helps to burn about 38 calories (depending on your body weight) so if you clock in the recommended eight hours every night, you would have slept away the calories that you consumed from one baked potato or one bowl of cereal. We like.

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