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Out of sight, out of mind - time to get scrubbing... everywhere! Photo: Pexels/@john-ray-ebora-2096236

5 Parts Of Your Body That You Are Probably Not Cleaning Enough (Or At All!)

1. Tongue

There are just so any ads out there on toothbrushes and toothpastes. But why aren’t there any on tongue scrapers? The tongue traps a lot of food residue – just look at how red it gets after you’ve eaten a cherry-flavoured sweet or how a thick white film forms on it after you’ve had your soy milk. Leftover food residue on the tongue can be a breeding ground for bacteria and also bad breath that can get other people’s tongues wagging.

2. Behind the ears

Yes, you perspire here too. Things can get pretty stinky behind the ears if you don’t give them a good rub in the bath. And things get worse if you wear spectacles 24/7.


3. Belly button

Holes trap dirt and smells. And your belly button is a hole (unless yours pops out). Wait for this: it was recently discovered that our belly buttons may have more than 70 types of bacteria which multiply when they feed on the dirt, grease and dead skin cells in your navel. So belly disgusting!

4. Between the toes

The term “toe jam” has nothing to do with anything berrylicious that you’d want near your morning toast. It refers to the deadly combination of bacteria, dead skin cells, oil, dirt and even sock debris that gets stuck between your toes. Give them a good rub with soap and water, then always dry completely with a towel.

5. The back

Out of sight, out of mind. That’s how your poor back probably feels when you are in the shower. You are most likely focusing only or mainly on your front and not giving your back any TLC. But think of how it is always pressed against something all day long – the back of your office seat, the wall or even just your sweaty shirt – and you’ll understand why back brushes were invented. And go google backne. It’s a real thing.

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