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5 Tips For Wedding Prep On A Budget

Similar to other living expenses, wedding costs have undeniably skyrocketed over the past few decades. As such, it’s more imperative than ever for a young couple about to get hitched to be careful with their finances. With many subsequent costs to account for such as housing and kids, we’ve put together 5 useful tips for wedding prep on a budget.

Many a time, weddings are an obligation to the parents and by saving a few dollars here and there, it’ll certainly go a long way in expanding your honeymoon options or giving you additional budget for your new home.

1. Guests

A wedding is a joyous occasion to be shared with beloved family and friends. However, the guest list can easily get out of hand, causing the cost to rise exponentially. As each additional guest comes with a cost, the best way to deal with it is to think of as many people you and your parents could possibly invite. Once everyone has been accounted for, start grouping them according to how close they are to you, and you’ll slowly be able to determine who to exclude. This way, you can keep the wedding to your preferred size and budget.

2. Pre-wedding shoot

Many couples stick to the traditional pre-wedding shoot in the studio because they’re meant for display. However, it’s becoming more common for pre-wedding shoots to be casual and done outdoors. Instead of dressing up in a suit and gown at Botanical Gardens, you could consider Oxford shirts and summer dresses for a shoot at Marina Barrage. But of course, be early on a weekday to avoid photo bombs. And if you have a friend or family member who’s good at photography, ask for their help and give them a token of appreciation – it’s definitely much cheaper than hiring a professional photographer.

3. Suit and gown

It’s not uncommon for couples to spend a substantial part of their wedding cost on clothes. However, you can avoid exorbitant amounts by planning ahead. Wedding dresses don’t need to be bespoke. You could always buy an off-the-shelf dress and alter it. The beauty of off-the-shelf dresses is the possibility of a sale. So select your top choices and wait for a Black Friday or season clearance sale.

For suits, do a simple made-to-measure suit in a basic colour that you can use again. That way, you won’t get to just wear it once. If you appreciate a bit more flamboyance, rent a suit. Otherwise, people will notice if you wear the same suit to someone else’s wedding reception.


4. Flowers

Decorating the entire venue with flowers could easily cost you thousands of dollars. However, if you’re on a budget, consider getting artificial flowers instead of real ones. Although they used to cost more than real flowers, today you could easily order them online and ship them in from overseas for a fraction of a cost. And once the wedding is over, you could reuse some of them to decorate your new home. Or try selling them to another friend who’s getting married!

5. Alcohol

If you’re having your banquet at a hotel, you can’t really skimp on the food, but you can save some money on the drinks. Hotels often allow you to bring in your own wine and spirits for the banquet, on top of the bottles that they’ve already included in the cost. If you know your guests are the party sort, seek discounted alcohol outside and keep them for the wedding, even if it’s a year before the wedding. After all, alcohol ages gracefully.

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