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6 Mantras To Help You Navigate Through 2020 (And The Rest Of Life)

We all know how making "I will lose weight", "I will exercise more" and "I will eat healthy"-type of resolutions work out in the end. They don't.

Based on our experience, here's a list of what we think are more realistic and achievable goals for the year ahead, and life in general:

1. Don't Do What You Don't Want To

We're talking about things outside of work and life's necessary evils (like paying bills and doing the laundry). Life is short and unpredictable. Do you really want to bow to peer pressure and waste your evening hanging out with people you don't really care about? When you could be spending more time with people you do, or, indeed, yourself? You can decline politely without being an a** about it. Migraine, any stomach-related ailment or having to fulfil filial duties are always good excuses. 

2. Adopt An Attitude Of Gratitude

If you're reading this, you're blessed already. You have internet connection! Or, better still, free Wi-Fi! If we stop to think about our predicaments, however dire they may be, it's easy to find something to be thankful for. Most importantly, cultivating this attitude changes your perspective on things, helping you to turn your attention away from negative sentiments of anger, resentment, impatience and intolerance. You'll sleep better too, trust us. Also, check out our piece on 8 Simple Ways To Practice Gratitude As We Enter 2020.

3. Think Before You Reply

Seriously, people need to do this more often, be it in conversation, phone messages or emails. We get that you're angry or enthusiastic, but responding immediately (especially if peppered with personal attacks and rage-related expletives) doesn't let you take into account the consequences of your response. When you think before you reply, you learn to look at the big picture. Will anyone be affected directly or indirectly - and worse, negatively - by your response? In a face-to-face conversation, it's better to say nothing than to say something you might regret. A power comeback is always great (especially on film), but not necessary, and could backfire if delivered poorly. 

4. Make Them Need You More Than You Need Them

If you can manoeuvre yourself into this position, you win liao. Whether it's in a relationship or at work, when you give of your best and excel at what you do (as a partner or a colleague), you give yourself the upper hand, especially if you possess skills and qualities that are invaluable or, better still, which the other party doesn't possess. Which is why it is so important to work on your strengths and to keep learning new skills. The freedom that comes with achieving this "you need me more than I need you" status is beyond satisfying, not to mention empowering. And you get more options, too!

5. Ask Yourself: Is A Life At Stake?

Forgot to complete a task? Didn't send out that email you were supposed to? Missed an appointment? The immediate response for most people is to go into a frenzied panic and scream "he/she is going to kill me". No they won't. Honestly, in most situations of error, no one is going to die. And think twice about attending to something (or worse, going back to work) when you're on leave. You wouldn't have been able to do anything about it if you were overseas anyway. So don't fret. Deal with the rebuke later, and learn from your mistake. No need to be dramatic when a mistake has been made.

6. Keep It Simple And Clear

We're referrring to how you communicate and how you approach problems. We all know that person who over-complicates matters that could've been solved in fewer and much easier steps. And work smart. By that we mean: under-promise but over-deliver; learn to let go of things you can't control; concentrate on things you can control; know how to delegate; and, finally, do yourself a big favour and stop comparing yourself to others.

We wish you a happy and healthy 2020 and a wonderful life ahead!

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