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A Mother And Daughter Reflect On Their Lineage Of Fierce And Fearless Love

Margaret Matilda Rodrigues passed away in 2013 at the age of 91, leaving nine grandchildren to mourn her loss. In her lifetime, she married three times and left her five children behind in the process.

Years later, her daughter, horticulturist and actress Ajuntha Anwari, talks about the impact Margaret has had on her life and on the relationship she now has with her daughter, theatre actress and educator Sharda Harrison, as they both navigate the tricky terrain of divorce and loss.

With National Grandparents Day around the corner, we can't help feeling moved and inspired by Sharda's reflections on her late grandmother: 

"My grandmother was a fiery, fiesty, witty and kind-hearted woman. She loved children. And I suppose in a way we were all under the illusion that every grandchild was indeed her favourite. That is because she treated us all with love. She showed her affection through her cooking, and of course her famous devil curry. However, the one thing I remember most about her is the way she looked at me like as if all human love possible in one person, could be contained in her eyes. I miss her every day for her fearless love for me and her fierce intensity of living live authentically and honestly. I miss her every day because I've never met another woman quite like her and perhaps it is indicative of a generation come and gone. I love you forever grandma. You may have passed but you will always remain the queen of my heart." 

Watch the videos above to see how this family went through the mountains and valleys of life, only to come out stronger. 

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