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Photo: Unsplash/Stefano Pollio

Do You Have A Spooky Story That Outspooks These Spooky SG Stories?

In the, ahem, spirit of Halloween, we've rounded up some pretty spine-chilling accounts of the supernatural kind.

Read on, if you dare...

Photo: Unsplash/Tamara Bellis

"Bag" by Sabrina, 21

This happened around 2013 or 2014, during the seventh month. Both of my sisters were sick, so I had to go to school by myself. I was super paranoid about being late for school, so I left my house at 6am even though I lived nearby. There was a cross junction right in front of the estate and I had to cross the road to get to the bus stop. Even though I was the only one there, I didn’t dare to cross the road. 

While waiting for the light to turn green, I felt something suddenly jumping onto my bag and pulling down on it. I heard noises behind me. I turned around but there was no one there. I ran to the bus stop and looked into my bag. The books were still upright. They didn’t fall. I tried to mimic them falling and it didn’t feel anything like what happened at the cross junction.

Photo: Unsplash/Liviu Florescu

"Car" by Boon Hock, 26

My uncle used to work as a police officer back in 2012 before he moved to Australia with my auntie. Once, he told me that while he was on patrol in a really ulu place, the smell of frangipani filling the car. He and his patrol mate kind of panicked so they drove a little faster. After a while, they heard scratching sounds on the roof of the car.

Photo: Unsplash/Asher Legg

"Fourth Figure" by Diyanah, 19

This happened during the Hungry Ghost Festival. I was out with my friends till late at night, just hanging out at the beach.

One of my friends suggested we play truth or dare, and dared three of my friends to walk to a dark spot beside a forested area, with no light to guide them. They agreed. It was when they were walking under a lamp post a few meters away from us that we saw a fourth figure following them from behind.

We texted the group, asking if there was somebody following them from behind. They said there was nobody and even took a picture to prove it. Then, the lights started flickering and we could hear a woman singing along, with a foul scent permeating through the air. 

We quickly called our friends back but they couldn’t hear us. The air around us got heavier. There were white figures flashing about in the trees around us, calling out to us. We could barely stand and dragged our feet, like we were being weighed down. 

My pious friend was able to overcome his fear by reciting prayers. Our fear receded a bit, as did the heavy atmosphere and chilling wind. We pick our pace, joined our three friends and got out of there.

Photo: Unsplash/Montylov

"Door To Door" by Fairoza, 24

During the Hungry Ghost Festival, my brother and I were staying over at my grandmother’s place, watching a horror movie around two in the morning. Just as we were about to turn off the TV, we heard a loud knocking a few doors down, prompting my brother and I to look. Horror movies had nothing on this hideous creature that was roaming the corridor, knocking loudly on the doors of our neighbours. 

It had a long tongue hanging out of its mouth. The thing was extremely hideous and had a foul smell. When nobody answered the door it was knocking on, it would move onto the next door. We watched on until it was just one door away from us.

As it was about to turn towards our house, we slammed the door shut, closed the windows and turned off the TV. We tried our best to keep silent. Every knock on our door had our hearts beating faster and faster until it finally moved on.

The next day, we told our father what we saw. According to him, during the Hungry Ghost Festival, the dead would come back and visit us. So, we were supposed to place offerings to appease them. Apparently, that spirit’s family had probably not left anything for him and thus, he was going around, searching for offerings to feed on.

Photo: Unsplash/Bulkan Evcimen

"Grandfather" by Zoey, 19

I was born with the ability to “see things”. The first time I really saw something, it kept happening after that. It happened when I was 7, I was still in kindergarten and my grandad passed away. As a kid, the concept of death was really hard to grasp, so I just knew he wasn’t there anymore.

My grandfather was wheelchair bound and needed a feeding tube, so I never got to know him. The first instance of me seeing something weird was during his funeral at a void deck in Ang Mo Kio.

The first instance

I remember sitting at a table and looking over to my left and seeing my grandad.

But the thing is, he wasn’t in a wheelchair. He was standing and drinking from a cup. There was always this cup he used to drink from whenever I went over. I always associated it with him.

I told my mum, “Mummy, Ah Kong is over there drinking Milo”. She looked over, saw that there was no one there and asked me if he was still there. He was.

The second instance

Every night, I would go upstairs to my grandparents’ house and sleep while my parents handled the funeral proceedings. I remember everyone being really superstitious, saying stuff like “if she saw earlier, maybe she will see tonight”.

My parents told me we have this belief that spirits will come back to visit seven days after they die.

I remember sleeping on a mattress in the bedroom, with the door open. The lights in the living room were on. I opened my eyes. I didn’t know what time it was.

I saw a frail looking man standing in the doorway, but I couldn’t see his face.

I didn’t feel alarmed, but I just knew something was wrong. I went back to sleep.

The third instance

On the fourth night, we were burning paper houses and joss sticks at the side of the road.

We also believed that if you look into the fire you can see 4D numbers. So, everyone was intensely staring into the fire hoping to strike 4D and toto.

While everyone was staring, I was looking around and I could kind of see my grandpa standing across the fire. I thought he was there to collect his stuff.

The fourth instance

This happened after my grandfather was cremated. I was getting ready to sleep but before taking off my glasses, I spotted something green on my fan. I thought it was a leaf..

When I peered closer, it moved. It was a grasshopper. I started freaking out and called for my dad.

He told me not to scream, took a tissue paper and let it out the window. My dad thinks that my grandpa came back to visit. I guess my grandpa took the form of a grasshopper.

Photo: Unsplash/Molly Belle

"Camp" by Andy, 25

I was the Camp Chief of a 3D2N camp. Nothing really happened during the first night but on the second night, a bunch of campers went off to smoke at a nearby field. 

They were saying things like “no such thing as ghosts; all fake one” and “if there’s anything come find me ah”.

One girl who was walking back after smoking suddenly felt faint and started screaming in a low voice. I wasn’t there when this happened but I was told she was screeching for me, shouting, “Where’s your camp chief? I NEED TO SEE YOUR CAMP CHIEF!” and "GET OUT OF MY CAMP!”

It was about 1am and I was scared out of my wits.

My Vice Camp Chief told me not to go but being the Camp Chief I still had to. I ended up having to patrol the girls’ bunks till everything died down.

Photo: Unsplash/Steinar Engeland

"Reflection Or Reality" by Faizal, 23

This incident happened in my secondary school.

In the art room, there was a white space meant for photography. The art room also had a glass door. From the outside, you could see the entire room, all the way to the white space. Right beside the corridor, you could see the crown of a tall tree.

It was well known that the photography area was supposedly haunted and that the art room had to be vacated and locked by 7pm.

Just for the thrill of it, after night classes in preparation for our O-levels, my friends and I decided to pass by the art room before leaving school. It was around 10pm on a Thursday night.

For Malays, that’s malam jumaat, meaning “Friday night”. In the Islamic calendar, the next day only begins at sunset/dusk. Hence, every Thursday night is malam jumaat. And according to Malay folklore, ghosts and spirits are active on malam jumaat.

It was a pretty long detour as the art room was at the furthest block from the main gate.

When we arrived, we stood outside the glass door and looked inside to see if there was anything there.

Suddenly, a blast of cold air hit us from the back where the tree was. All of us turned to see nothing by the tree.

But once we looked back at the glass door, there was a kakak cantik (meaning “pretty sister”; similar to a Pontianak).

We didn’t know whether it was a reflection of what was behind us or whether she could have been inside the art room.

We just ran. Since that incident, we never went to the art room past 6pm ever again.

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