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The Parade and Ceremony segment this year will feature 35 marching contingents and more than 2,100 participants. IMAGE: NICK CHEE

First Look At NDP 2024’s Parade And Ceremony Segment

The annual National Day Parade in Singapore is always a spectacular display of national pride and unity, and this year promises to be no different.

“The Parade and Ceremony has always been one of the key highlights for National Day Parade since the first NDP in 1966, as it symbolises the strength of our nation, that Singapore will continue to progress, and that we have the determination to overcome challenges,” said Senior Lieutenant Colonel (SLTC) Lau Kai Heng Anthony, Chairman, Parade and Ceremony, at a media briefing on 21 Jun.

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Lau Kai Heng Anthony, Chairman, Parade and Ceremony. | IMAGE: NDP 2024 EXCO

SLTC Lau added that the focus of the Parade and Ceremony (P&C) segment this year, entitled “United We Stand”, is on our people.

“It is about people from all walks of life coming together as one united people to celebrate our nation’s progress, and to express our love for Singapore,” he said.

The P&C will feature an impressive 35 marching contingents, bringing together over 2,100 participants. This diverse group includes representatives from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), Singapore Police Force (SPF), Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), one Volunteer Contingent made up of the SAF Volunteer Corps, and various volunteer and youth organisations, among others.

Here are three high points from National Day Parade 2024 (NDP 2024) at the Padang that we can look forward to on 9 Aug:

Some P&C participants from the youth uniformed groups. | IMAGE: NICK CHEE

1. A celebration of unity in diversity

Expect marching contingents galore, a heart-warming choral music video, and a very special Military Tattoo-Combined Band performance:

Precision and tradition: The Guard of Honour contingents

Leading the parade with precision and discipline will be the five Guard of Honour (GOH) contingents, each comprising 60 soldiers. These contingents hail from the elite units of the SAF, including the 1st Commando Battalion, the Naval Diving Unit, and the Air Power Generation Command. Additionally, the Singapore Police Force and the Digital and Intelligence Service will be represented by their top units.

The GOH contingents will escort the SAF Colours Party, a group of 120 participants carrying the State and Regimental Colours, representing the pride and achievements of various military units.

Celebrating excellence: The SAF Colours Party

The SAF Colours are more than just flags; they are symbols of excellence, awarded for achievements in combat, training, and service.

The SAF Colours Party, featuring four State Colours and 36 Regimental Colours, will march with pride, showcasing the rich heritage and accomplishments of the SAF. This display of military pageantry is a reminder of the dedication and commitment of Singapore’s servicemen and servicewomen.

A commitment to defence: Supporting contingents

In addition to the GOH contingents, the parade will feature military units from the SAF, including the 11th Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence Battalion, and various commands from the Navy and Air Force. These units highlight Singapore’s robust military capabilities and a readiness to defend the nation.

Civil Defence will also be prominently represented, with contingents from the SPF and SCDF showcasing their preparedness to ensure the safety and security of Singaporeans during emergencies.

The future of Singapore: Youth uniformed groups

Youth is the future, and this year’s parade will feature 10 contingents from various youth uniformed groups. From Girl Guides Singapore to the National Police Cadet Corps, these young participants represent the hopes and aspirations of the nation. Their involvement underscores the importance of nurturing a sense of duty and patriotism among the younger generation.

Celebrating social and economic progress

Reflecting Singapore’s social and economic achievements, 14 civilian contingents will march, representing key organisations such as the National Trades Union Congress, Goodhood.SG, Singapore Telecommunications Limited, and DBS Bank. These groups highlight the nation’s progress and the contributions of different sectors to Singapore’s success.

The NDP Choir Music Video hits a high note, thanks to Singapore's talented youth. | IMAGE: NICK CHEE

Inclusive and inspiring: The Choir Music Video

Inclusivity takes centre stage with a choir music video featuring 134 student performers from nine schools, including seven Special Education (SPED) schools. Conducted by Dr Philip Tan, the choir will perform a medley of past NDP theme songs, celebrating Singapore’s journey and unity through music.

A showcase of precision and creativity. | IMAGE: NICK CHEE

A spectacle of sound and movement: The Military Tattoo-Combined Band

One of the most anticipated segments of the parade is the performance by the Military Tattoo-Combined Band. This year, a record 194 participants from nine entities, including the SAF Band and various school bands, will deliver a captivating show.

They will present “Strength in Diversity”, a piece co-composed by Military Expert 1 (ME1) Gordon Tan from the SAF Band, and 15-year-old music prodigy Koh Boon Yew Nathanael. This collaboration symbolises the creative power of unity and diversity.


2. The Parade gets closer to NDP spectators

If you’re headed to the Padang this NDP, get ready for a 360-degree experience like never before:

The Onward March

For the first time, the Onward March will see contingents march through the spectator stands at the Padang, creating an immersive 360-degree experience. This segment aims to rally the audience in support of Singapore’s defence personnel, emphasising that the defence of the nation is a shared responsibility.

A salute to the nation: The Presidential Gun Salute

A highlight of the ceremony will be the Presidential Gun Salute, a traditional 21-Gun Salute executed by the 23rd Battalion, Singapore Artillery and the 35th Battalion, Singapore Combat Engineers.

This year, the salute will be performed on the Mobility 3rd Generation (M3G) raft, sailing around the Marina Basin in the longest sail-past to date, adding a majestic touch to the celebration.

Assets and vehicles from the TD40 D3 segment of NDP 2024. | IMAGE: NICK CHEE

3. A commemoration of four decades of Total Defence

To mark 40 years of Total Defence, the parade will feature a special formation, where 16 supporting contingents will come together to create the characters “TD40”. This formation symbolises the collective responsibility of all Singaporeans in defending the nation and highlights the importance of resilience and unity.

Making its first NDP reappearance since 2019 and also to commemorate TD40 is the Volunteer Contingent. It will include participants from the SAF Volunteer Corps and Home Team Volunteer Network, embodying the spirit of volunteerism and community service.

See you at NDP 2024! 🇸🇬

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