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5 Things To Do At Marina Barrage Apart From Flying A Kite

Marina Barrage has become a synonymous part of the Singapore skyline. While the dam’s primary purpose is to aid in water storage and flood control, it is also a popular recreational site. While its most prominent feature, the elevated section of grass on its roof is commonly used for kite flying, here are 5 other things you can do in and around the area.

Water Playground

Enjoy a splashing good time at the Marina Barrage Water Playground. Comprising of a wading pool fountains and water jets, it’s great, frivolous fun, for both the young and old. Imagine arcing tunnels of water that you can run under, bubbling streams that make a great play spot for the toddlers, and a beautiful fountain square that can serve as a romantic backdrop for your couple pictures.

Picnic Dates

Speaking of dates, if you ever thought of having a picnic with a view, the rooftop lawn of Marina Barrage is unbeatable. Not only does it overlook Marina Bay Sands and the rest of the city skyline, when night time falls, you will even get a chance to catch the water and light show, emanating from across the bay. Time to impress your date with a vision that will sweep them off their feet. And no, we’re not just talking about you.


How about swapping those picnic mats for yoga ones instead? With its cooling breeze and spectacular sunrise, we can’t think of a better spot in Singapore to get your stretch on. Marina Barrage has proven to be a popular location for the local yoga community, with a number of mass outdoor events having been held at the rooftop lawn before. 

Sustainable Singapore Gallery

If you’re interested to learn more about the country’s efforts to go green, Marina Barrage houses the Sustainable Singapore Gallery. You can either explore the many multi-media displays, exhibits and mini-games available on your own, or go on a guided tour to gain further insight on our conservation efforts for the future.

Skyline Photography

We’ve been harping on the gorgeous scenery so much we might as well include it on this list. Have you actually seen the many beautiful skyline shots from Marina Barrage on Instagram? Whether it’s during the break of dawn or a star-filled night, any time is the perfect time to test out your photography skills here. It’s become the site for countless wedding shoots, family #ootds and postcard images. A vantage point where you can truly appreciate how spectacularly breathtaking our island city is.

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